mobile Apps

Build and publish iOS and Android apps to remotely control devices and visualize data

No code, drag and drop UI builder
50+ fully customizable UI elements designed for IoT
Built-in app alerts and notifications
Flexible, cross-device automation scenarios without hardcoding
World-class device activation with QR scanning and WiFi provisioning
Ready for branding and publishing to App Store and Google Play

Web Console

Real-time control and management for all aspects of your IoT business

Ready-made monitoring dashboards and no-code dashboard builder
Intuitive interface to manage users, devices, and data
Built-in workflows for contractors, third-party installers and technicians
Robust developer tools for configurations
Seamless OTA updates at scale
Realtime analytics, in-app messaging, and upselling capabilities

USer experience

We are on a mission to deliver an outstanding user experience.
No matter who the “user” is

Developers & Engineers
• Short learning curve and easy onboarding
• Rapid prototyping
• Smooth transition from prototyping to production
• Tools for continuous iteration (OTA updates, etc.)
• Real-time deployment of changes
• Fleet health analytics
Business Owners & Executive Teams
• 99% of use-cases covered within one platform
• Scalability for expanding product lines
• Versatile asset management at scale
• Product and customer insights
• Multi-tenant organizational hierarchy
• User roles with configurable permissions
• Detailed roles and permissions management
End Customers
• Simple account creation
• Industry-leading device activation flow
• Real-time remote monitoring, control, and notifications
• User-made automation scripts for personalized control
• Shared access for collaborative use
Tech Support Teams
• Instant search by any device metadata
• Separated views for user and technical data
• Access to user logs
• Access to device logs
Marketing Teams
• Insights on application and feature usage
• Push-notification campaigns manager
• Usage-based notifications
• Enriched customer data for targeted marketing
• Integrations with third-party marketing tools
Contractors, Resellers & Distributors
• Dedicated registration flow for external teams
• Streamlined process for onboarding new customers
• Efficient device installation for customers
• Comprehensive tools for providing managed services
• Access to valuable data insights

Hardware & Connectivity

Industry-standard protocols and software solutions to connect, craft, and control your smart product

Multiple integration options, including dual-MCU setup
Firmware and platform APIs with support for HTTP, MQTT, and Node-RED integration
WiFi, Cellular, Ethernet, LoRaWAN, Satellite, multi-connectivity and network management
Support for C++, Python, Micropython, Zephyr, ESP-IDF, Arduino
Dynamic device credentials provisioning (WiFi, auth tokens)
Secure firmware over-the-air updates
Detailed documentation and blueprint examples


Out-of-the-box cloud server infrastructure to host and scale your IoT solutions

Secure and scalable, binding all the platform components together
Send and receive data in real-time or intervals, in batches
Store and visualize real-time historical data
Cloud hosting included
Private server in your preferred region

Low-code IoT cloud platform with user experience at its core

Easily build exceptional, fully customizable mobile and web IoT applications. Securely deploy and manage millions of devices worldwide.
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Blynk Platform

IoT complexity solved at every stage

Manage the full IoT lifecycle from prototype to production with enterprise security throughout.
Build high-quality mobile apps and cloud services, run fleet tests, deploy seamlessly, market to users, manage devices, data, configurations and updates, and analyze and grow your IoT business.

Mobile apps

Build high-quality apps at no-code speed

Blynk Apps make it easy to configure and deeply customize beautiful, feature-rich apps without a line of code. Get both development speed and an unparalleled app experience with Blynk.

web Console

Efficiently support and grow your IoT business

Blynk Console makes it easy for you to manage every aspect of your connected business, from operations and adoption to overall business growth.


Seamless and intuitive user experience, out-of-box

Blynk UX simplifies IoT complexity into easy workflows for product managers, engineers, distributors, resellers, and device users. Our intuitive interface ensures efficient and user-friendly IoT management across all layers.

Hardware & Connectivity

Flexible connection and protocol options

From standard communication protocols (eg. MQTT, HTTP) to packaged firmware solutions, Blynk takes care of device connection management for you on WiFi, Ethernet, Cellular, LoRaWAN, or Satellite.


Secure, scalable, enterprise-grade cloud

Out-of-the-box infrastructure to host, store, scale, and monitor your IoT solutions. Receive, store, and process data real-time or in intervals. Encrypted communications between endpoints and 24/7 incident monitoring means we worry about security so you don't have to.

CAse Studies

Transform ideas into real products efficiently with Blynk IoT Platform

6 months to launch
From idea to product in half a year.
70 years
Leading US-based heating manufacturer.
"Blynk allowed us to take an idea and make it a real product offering quickly and efficiently."
Peachie Hytowitz
Senior Product Manager at Raypak
Native mobile apps in days
User-friendly app received overwhelmingly positive feedback for ease of use and connection.
60+ years
HVAC industry innovation.
"Our users have been very impressed with the ease of connecting the AC to WiFi, as well as navigating the app’s different features."
Daniel Mayer
Co-Founder, Co-CEO of Windmill
Rapid development
Blynk’s platform enabled rapid development and deployment without the need for an external software team.
Award winning
Startup for a sustainable future.
"Blynk allowed us to quickly develop a solution with the experience and tools we had in-house."
Andres Torres
CTO at Plantaform Inc.
Cost-effective solution
Robust asset tracking system without the high costs associated with traditional methods.
Founded 1990
Innovative technology for every season.
"Partnership with Blynk has been very strong and is helping us hit all of the important milestones."
Stefan Fiedler
CEO of Fiedler GMBH


Launch apps that look custom-built

Unlike other solutions that produce brand-compromising templated apps, Blynk’s modular approach makes it easy for your team to configure and deeply customize beautiful, feature-rich apps without a line of code.
Drag and drop from a large library of customizable UI elements that visualize data and control devices.
Leverage built-in features such as provisioning, alerts, notifications, and automations.
Add navigation and nested screens to create an organized, native mobile experience.
Brand apps that meet your design team’s standards.

industry recognition

Customers love Blynk’s low-code IoT platform

We have designed, developed, and tested the building blocks of a complete IoT software solution, so businesses that run on Blynk don't have to.
IoT Platforms
IoT Management
IoT Development
IoT Management
Trusted by a million of engineers worldwide
building on Blynk
Hardware requests
processed monthly
Join Blynk's community of developers, makers, and IoT pros. Over 1,000,000 engineers in 136 countries use Blynk.
No-code mobile apps
Design and deploy enterprise-ready apps quickly, with drag-and-drop simplicity, and gain real-time control and monitoring of your devices.
Cloud web app
Blynk's cloud web app lets you easily visualize data, manage users, organizations and IoT devices from anywhere.
Establish bi-directional communication with the cloud and integrate with third-party platforms effortlessly.
BYO Hardware
Our flexible system supports a wide range of boards, controllers, and chips, enabling you to connect and control your hardware effortlessly.
Cloud services
Reliable and scalable solution for your IoT projects. Enjoy real-time data synchronization, secure storage, and seamless device management.
OTA updates
Deploy firmware updates remotely, ensuring your devices stay secure and perform optimally.
Device provisioning
With our streamlined process, connect devices to the network quickly and securely. Leverage industry leading BLE-assisted WiFi provisioning.
And more...
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For experienced developers and newbies

As an electronics engineer familiar with MCUs like ESP32 or Arduino, you can connect any hardware to Blynk with just 10 lines of code. Build mobile and web apps to interact with your device with of without software development skills.

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Whether you’re a small team with big IoT dreams or a large enterprise looking to fast track your IoT product launch, Blynk IoT platform has you covered.