We make internet of things simple

Build and maintain smart products with a unified IoT platform — secure cloud, firmware libraries, and an intuitive app builder, all from one central console.


A fully integrated suite of IoT software

Everything you need to build and manage connected hardware: device provisioning, sensor data visualization, remote control with mobile and web applications, Over-The-Air firmware updates, secure cloud, data analytics, user and access management, alerts, automations and much much more…

Blynk platform powers manufacturers of smart home products, complex HVAC systems, agricultural equipment, and everyone in between. These companies build branded apps with no code and get the full back-end IoT infrastructure through one subscription.

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How Blynk works for your IoT project


Works for your team and your customers

Companies of all sizes — from one-person startups to large enterprises - use Blynk white-label software and APIs to get electronic products online, build customer-facing applications with no code, allowing to control and manage these devices remotely.


Enjoy the simplicity and integrity: APIs, hosted cloud, No-code app builders, and much more.

Business Leaders

Fast track your initial product prototype to a fully-managed fleet of connected devices.


All Blynk apps are user-friendly and ready for end-customers.


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Raypak (Rheem company)
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Made for developers

Trusted by over 500,000
engineers worldwide

An electronics engineer familiar with MCUs like ESP32 or Arduino can easily connect any hardware to free Blynk.Cloud with just 10 lines of code. Then build mobile and web apps to interact with this device without any additional skills.


Join the biggest IoT developers community. Over 800,000 enigineers in 136 countries use Blynk.

No-code mobile apps

Drag-n-drop editors to build iOS and Android applications with no code

No-code web app

Powerful dashboard with a drag-n-drop UI editor to manage devices, users and data

Simple APIs

Flexible firmware and REST APIs to exchange data between hardware and applications

Any hardware

ESP32, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Texas Instruments, Particle, and over 400 other hardware models supported

Cloud included

Connect your devices to a secure ready-to-use cloud ready for immediate use

Over-the-air updates

Send firmware updates to a single device or manage scaled deployments

Wi-Fi provisioning

Leverage industry leading BLE-assisted device provisioning directly from Blynk Apps


We have thought through all of the IoT use-cases for you

Out of the box, Blynk will cover 90-100% of all of your needs in IoT software. Including user registration, transactional emails, built-in wifi provisioning, managing partners, accessing the data with 3rd party software and much more.

Experienced partner

We have run hundreds of thousands of devices for our customers. We listen and implement features based on their feedback.

Fastest-improving platform

We release tons of features and improvements every year to help you run your IoT projects more easily and effectively

Battle-tested reliability

Our systems operate with 99.9%+ uptime and are highly scalable and redundant since 2015



Connected devices

Managed globally by our developers, business clients and their customers


Hardware messages

Processed monthly

2 days

Average time

To build a working prototype with Blynk


Blynk Application downloads

Enough scrolling. Let's get started!

Explore Blynk products and features or create an account now and start building your first IoT product. You can also contact us to build a custom solution for your business.