Make Your Product Smart With Network Co-Processor

Are you an electronics manufacturer looking to step into the world of Internet of Things?

Make the switch effortlessly with our easy-to-use Network Co-Processor solution.

What is Blynk.NCP?

NCP stands for Network Co-Processor. It’s a standalone microcontroller with integrated connectivity, which can be pre-programmed with Blynk software.

Blynk.NCP is a software solution that handles all the networking tasks for your IoT devices whether you use WiFi, Ethernet, LoRaWAN, or Cellular connectivity (or any combination of them).

By integrating Blynk.NCP you free up your main controller to focus solely on its primary product functions such as sensor readings, data processing, and decision-making.

When to use Blynk.NCP?

For these key IoT scenarios, Blynk.NCP is the standout solution:
New Smart Product

Developing a new IoT product where main controller can’t or shouldn’t run the networking stack

IoT Retrofitting

Retrofitting your existing products with the help of Blynk

Connectivity Challenges

Struggling with AT command-based modules

Blynk.NCP is engineered be a game-changer covering you on networking stack, compatibility, and AT command integrations.

What NCP can do for your business

Once integrated, Blynk.NCP not only immediately brings WiFi provisioning, OTA firmware, factory testing to your devices.

It unlocks full potential of Blynk IoT platform with mobile apps, web dashboard, cloud storage, and API.

Device Provisioning

Let your customers easily activate devices through BLE-assisted and WiFi AP-based device provisioning.

Multi Network Manager

Advanced network connection troubleshooting for WiFi, Ethernet, LoRaWAN, Cellular networks.

Over The Air Firmware Updates

Includes updates of NCP module, your main controller, and even local firmware update from  iOS and Android App.

Hardware flexibility

We offer pre-integrated solutions for Zephyr and Arduino. You can also easily integrate our lightweight driver into an SDK of your choice.

Firmware consistency & safeguard privacy

The NCP hosts communication firmware, securing main architecture confidentiality.

Non-blocking operation

Your primary MCU continues to function even when the Network Co-Processor is occupied.

How to integrate Blynk.NCP

We’ve made the process simple to minimize your development effort and accelerate time to market.

Ready to make your devices connected?

Let’s discuss network co-processor implementation for your products.