Fiedler: Asset tracking and fleet management

Smart city / Asset Tracking

City cleaning and maintenance equipment

FIEDLER Maschinenbau und Technikvertrieb GmbH is a German company that produces a complete range of implements and attachments for vehicles and tractors in municipal, environmental and winter maintenance technology. They offer solutions for plant watering, city cleaning, waste removal, weed eradication, winter services and other municipal functions.


Fiedler team started working on the next generation of their product and was looking for a comprehensive IoT platform to help:

  • accurately capture valuable data from vehicles and installed equipment
  • provide a complete fleet management solution for their clients
  • provide a system that allows to create orders for the driver and track their completion

Solution Architecture

Blynk is implementing a powerful and easy to user IoT software for Fiedler to have a complete overview of all vehicles with detailed historical data, route monitoring, and keep an eye on orders execution progress.

Every vehicle is equipped with three hardware components:
  • Driver's control unit
  • Attachments manufactured by Fiedler (for plant watering, city cleaning, waste removal, weed eradication, winter services, etc).
  • Cellular telematics gateway with GPS module that captures vehicles' location and data on installed equipment performance.
The software deliverables include a branded Web IoT portal and Android mobile app tailored for the drivers.

All data is sent to and processed in Blynk.Cloud and is later used by operators, clients, and drivers in web and mobile applications.
Stefan Fiedler
CEO of Fiedler GMBH, a German city cleaning equipment manufacturer
We were looking for an advanced and reliable platform to power the new version of our equipment. Partnership with Blynk has been very strong and is helping us hit all of the important milestones in our IoT development journey.
August 9, 2021

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