Integrated IoT software for your HVAC devices

Blynk IoT platform gives HVAC manufacturers, distributors, and solutions providers everything they need to build connected HVAC systems.

Achieve a faster time to market with Blynk

Get the user interface and cloud capabilities required to deploy residential or commercial HVAC and smart energy solutions without requiring a team of software developers, a large budget, or significant time investment for developing your connected product.

Usual IoT integration cycle

With Blynk

Peachie Hytowitz
Senior Product Manager at Raypak (Rheem)
"Raypak chose to partner with Blynk for IoT based on their ability to offer fast development speed and their extended portfolio of product offerings. Blynk allowed us to take an idea and make it a real product offering quickly and efficiently."

Let’s see how Blynk’s no-code magic works

1. Connect your device to the Internet

Get your first device online using our suite of IoT cloud solutions. Blynk supports over 400 MCU. Once you choose a compatible board, you can build firmware using our library.
Commercial HVAC solutions
Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems
SMART AC units
geothermal pumps
fan coils
air quality solutions
UV disinfectors

2. Build a mobile app for customers or technicians

Use our no-code UI builder to create a branded mobile IoT device management app.
Drag-and-drop the widgets and controls and publish your application on App Store and Google Play in no time.
You can change the UI whenever you want without the need to re-publish your apps in stores.

3. Manage devices, data, and users

Monitor your IoT products remotely, manage your customers and data.
Blynk encrypts communication between the cloud, apps, and devices, so you don't need to worry about IoT security. We also offer 24/7 incident monitoring so you don’t have to.
  • Secure cloud server for IoT
  • Device management built for scale
  • Multi-tenant user management
  • Over the air firmware updates
  • Tools for better technical support

Demand response add-on

Make your HVAC solution compatible with DR programs and smart grids to manage peak electricity demand, reduce energy waste, promote energy efficiency, and prevent outages.

Blynk integrates with data providers to monitor usage trends and weather predictions, enabling you to better control your energy infrastructure, regulate indoor climate and lower power consumption.
  • Integration with energy consumption data providers
  • Technology and interfaces to support DR activities

Blynk-powered HVAC and connected energy management solutions

IoT apps tailored for HVAC use cases

We know what’s required from IoT apps for HVAC products and we have built those features for you. Blynk apps have been battle tested by millions of users to make sure they provide the best experience.

Effortless device connection

Offer a simple way for your customers to connect your HVAC devices. Our device provisioning process is extremely easy for users. WiFi, Ethernet, or cellular – Blynk works with any connection type.

Smart automation

Allow users to create scenarios that trigger the automation like setting up a heater to warm the house by the time they get home from work or adjust the AC unit settings based on the weather and air quality data.

Remote control and monitoring

Let your customers monitor connected devices in real-time using their smartphones or a web dashboard. Allow them to control their devices with voice commands using Alexa or Google Home.

Push notifications and alerts

Communicate with users about important device-related events. Let them know when they need to do routine maintenance, notify them that the filters in their devices have to be changed, and alert if something is wrong.

Promote and upsell directly through the app

With a marketing add-on you get a new channel for direct communication with your customers:
  • Engage through push notifications and in-app messaging
  • Integrate with your other marketing systems
  • Share news about your products

One platform for all your software needs

Leverage a unified software platform to build, run, and improve your smart HVAC products with all the infrastructure and tools on board.
Secure cloud hosting
Get a scalable private cloud server to collect, store and manage your device data.
Firmware library
From ESP 32 to Arduino, Blynk supports over 400 MCUs. Install Blynk.Edgent and develop your firmware, or let us do it for you.
Web and mobile applications
Build interfaces without coding. Publish your apps in App Store and Google Play.
Device management
Manage thousands of devices, assign them to users and update firmware over the air as needed.
User management
Build multi-level tree-like org structures to manage clients.
Connectivity management
Get your devices online with WiFi, Ethernet, or Cellular and get the data in real-time.

Migrating from another
IoT platform?

We’ve helped many device manufacturers and will ensure the switch is seamless for you. The results will pay off big time.
Migrate from Google Cloud IoT Core, Microsoft Azure IoT, Ayla Networks, AWS IoT, Is Amazon IoT, Tuya Smart
Daniel Mayer
Co-Founder, Co-CEO at Windmill
"Most important to me as a business owner has been the overall and constant customer support from Blynk management in building out our IoT functionality. It’s been an awesome partnership thus far, and a big, welcome change relative to our previous IoT experience."

Pick the plan for your smart product

Start prototyping self-serve with Blynk PRO, or go straight to Business Plan for the support of a dedicated launch manager.
Blynk Enterprise

White label solution

White Label IoT solution with standalone mobile apps
  • Launch a full-scale IoT solution under your brand
  • Publish standalone mobile apps
  • Web dashboard with your URL
  • Private server in your region
  • Dedicated launch engineer
  • Localization   (with an add-on)
  • Voice assistants   (with an add-on)
  • Access to database   (with an addon)
Blynk PRO

Launch with Blynk apps

Blynk.App and Blynk.Console set up for your business
  • Prototype and launch with up to 500 devices
  • Blynk App and Blynk Console set up for your business
  • Connect to general Blynk Cloud
  • Access to technical support