Everything you need to build an amazing IoT project

Here is what you need to Blynk

A Smartphone

• Android OS version 4.2+
• iOS version 9+

Blynk doesn't run on Windows Phones, Blackberries and other dead platforms. Sorry.

You can also run Blynk on emulators

IoT Hardware

Blynk can run on over 400 hardware modules. The most popular are:

• ESP32
• ESP8266
• NodeMCU
• Arduino (any model)
• Raspberry Pi (any model)
• Particle (any model)

Internet Connection

To connect your hardware to the Internet, you can choose almost any module either built-in, or external shields

Supported connectivity
• WiFi
• Ethernet
• Cellular (GSM, 2g, 3g, 4g, LTE)
• Serial
• USB via your PC
• Bluetooth (BETA)

Learn Blynk Basics

Libraries to connect any hardware

System Status

Blynk Cloud Servers have 99.99% uptime since May 2015