IoT Device WiFi Provisioning

Device provisioning in IoT is a complex blend of hardware, firmware, software, connectivity and security.

Moreover, it's your customer's first touchpoint with your smart product — make yours flawless with Blynk.

How Blynk Handles IoT Device Activation and Management

Works Out-of-the-Box

No more piecing things together. With Blynk, hardware, firmware, mobile app, and cloud all work seamlessly together from the get-go.

Exceptional User Experience

Users rave about the ease and reliability of our device provisioning, even for complex scenarios.

Constantly Updated and Improved

We analyze client feedback and adapt to the latest OS changes, ensuring that you're not left behind by tech shifts.

Plug-and-Play User Experience

Device activation on end-user side is a breeze and takes less than a minute:

Find Devices Nearby

Blynk app looks for the devices in range


select your device

Tap the one you want to set up


Enter Network Credentials

Input WiFi password


Device is online

Your IoT device is now connected and ready to roll

Meanwhile Behind the Scenes:

Device is assigned to the user
Device securely connects and authenticates
Device obtains AuthToken and WiFi credentials from the app

Quick and Easy Integration for IoT Developers

You don't have to be a coding wizard to integrate Blynk's device provisioning into your products. Here's your simple roadmap:

Leverage Firmware Examples

Look for Blynk.Edgent or Blynk.NCP ones, they include device provisioning.


One Firmware, Multiple Devices

Use the same firmware for all devices of the same type. No need for customization, making the process automated.


Ship and Forget

Once the firmware is in place, the devices are ready for the end-users. Simply pack and ship.

Choose Your Integration Route

Depending on your hardware setup, you can go two routes for IoT provisioning. Choose Blynk.Edgent for single-MCU configurations. If you're offloading connectivity to a secondary MCU, go with Blynk.NCP.


Opt for Blynk.NCP if your main controller can’t or shouldn’t run the networking stack or you're retrofitting an existing product with IoT capabilities. NCP cuts down integration costs and offers best in class time to market.

BLE-assisted Provisioning

Use Blynk IoT app (iOS or Android) or Blynk.Console (web dashboard) for easy device setup using Bluetooth Low Energy.


Integrated over-the-air updates for Primary MCU firmware.

Production Line QC

Simplifies the quality check process during manufacturing.

WiFi-AP based provisioning

For devices without BLE connectivity, WiFi access point based provisioning is supported.

Network Manager

Store multiple network profiles, whether WiFi, Ethernet, or Cellular on your NPC module.

Supported connectivity modules

ESP32-MINI-1, ESP32-C3-MINI-1, ESP32-S3-MINI-1-N8, ESP-WROOM-32, U-blox NINA-W106, U-blox NORA-W106, Seeed WT32-ETH01, Witty Cloud, DFRobot WiFi Bee, ESP-07S, and more.


Choose Blynk.Edgent if your device relies on a single MCU to perform both its primary functions and manage IoT features. This simplifies your hardware configuration and may cut down your bill of materials.

works over WIFI AP

Use Blynk IoT app (iOS/Android) or Blynk.Console (web dashboard) for easy WiFi-AP device setup.


Simplifies the provisioning process during manufacturing.

On-device controls

Code examples and endpoints for connection status indication and WiFi credentials reset with LEDs and buttons on the device.

Supported hardware

Blynk.Edgent is compatible with ESP32, ESP8266, Seeed WiO Terminal, and Texas Instruments CC3220SF, as well as selected dual-MCU boards, learn more.

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