Fighting school vaping and COVID-19 spread with IoT


Zeptive is an innovative IoT sensor business founded by experts who are focused on safety, security and public health applications.

Zeptive has two main product lines - air quality monitors and vape detectors. The company is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, USA and is focused on helping schools ensure student health and good indoor air quality.
The comprehensive Blynk IoT software solution enabled Zeptive to get to market faster with a robust, user friendly offering. Blynk's IoT platform reduced our go to market risk and enabled us to focus on our sensing core competency. Blynk's IoT platform is also enabling Zeptive to quickly add additional product offerings and scale as we enter new market applications.
Will Hargett
CEO & Co-Founder at Zeptive, Inc.


The Zeptive founders were frustrated by the growing vaping epidemic and the effect it was having on their own high school children and friends. They set out to develop the industry's first wireless vape detector and built the most advanced vape monitoring system in the market. With the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the mission expanded to building the smartest and most accurate air quality monitors for schools.

The Zeptive team was looking for a comprehensive IoT platform that would address software needs and also enable them to get to market quickly on a reasonable budget.

Process and solution

Zeptive first partnered with Blynk in 2019. They chose the Blynk platform for its impressive feature set and for the ability to launch a commercial product at an unparalleled speed.

When the Zeptive team reached out, they already had a working prototype on Blynk using the self-serve developer's package. After a thorough discussion, they signed up for a business plan and were able to quickly deploy their first product. In addition to a successful launch with the existing capabilities of the Blynk platform, we developed enhanced functionality for the instant notification feature that was very important to Zeptive's business.
We chose Blynk's IoT platform as our backend communications provider to enable faster time to market for our phone and web dashboard product applications. Their easy to use developers kit allows us to quickly prototype and test new features. As we've grown we've moved to their enterprise package which provides reliable application availability for customers and unparalleled customer support for us on our custom tailored IoT applications and features. Blynk has become a trusted partner for us as we grow our business.
Cindy Bistany
Zeptive, Inc.
Since launch, Zeptive's portable air quality monitoring system has been enhanced to allow schools to more easily and affordably monitor ventilation, filtration, or student vaping.

Their air monitors offer:

- Pre-configured settings for a quick and easy start
- Text/email tamper alerts, audible alarm, tamper screws & optional wire guard
- Highest accuracy with user configurable sensitivity
- Rechargeable Battery or direct power support
- Communication via Cellular, Wifi or Ethernet
- Instant notifications

In addition to vape detection, Zeptive products also allow schools to continuously monitor their air quality for health risks such as viruses (COVID-19, Flu), asthma,allergies, and air pollution.


Faster to market
Reduced product development cycle by at least 50%
Competitive advantage
Enabled Zeptive to win competitive RFP's
2 Weeks to deploy
Installed first sale within 2 weeks of signup

Components and services used

Blynk Mobile UI constructor
Drag-n-drop mobile application builder was used to create initial prototype, transform it into final user-experience, and become the final product
Blynk Edge Agent
Blynk hardware API for ESP32 was used for WiFi communication between devices, Blynk.Cloud, and mobile apps
Blynk.Cloud for Businesses
A private and secure Zeptive Business Cloud Server was launched to keep "all the dots" connected, store data, and provide user management.

A special Zeptive-branded theme was applied to the apps together with app icon, company logo, fonts, and brand colors

App Publishing
Zeptive iOS and Android apps were published to App Store and Google Play and transferred under Zeptive ownership

Blynk.R module enables multi-tenant environment to register and manage clients, schools, and define access leve with a flexible set of permissions

A complete IoT Business Management solution to configure, deploy, and monitor devices, manage users, organizations, and partners.

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