Technical Support

Run into some questions while working on your IoT project?

No worries! There are multiple ways we can help you in Blynk. Choose the option that fits you best.

Blynk Community (Free, Maker)

If you went through relevant chapters of the Blynk Documentation and still stuck at some point, maybe you’re not the first one to face it.

Look for a solution from other community members. More than 20,000 IoT enthusiasts around the world have joined our forum and keep helping each other to implement their projects with Blynk. 

And if it’s not there so far - create your own thread. Fellow developers and Blynk team members will be happy to assist, and your case can help lots of other users. Don’t forget to share your success and your ideas as well!

Ticketing System (PRO)

For PRO plans and higher Blynk provides email tech support. 

If you couldn’t find any related discussion on the forum, go to the Help –> Contact support on the Blynk.Console to send a ticket to our support team. 

Provide as much detail as possible and expect feedback within 1-5 business days.

Dedicated Launch Engineer (Enterprise)

The option is available for our Enterprise plan subscribers only. Receive ongoing technical support from a dedicated launch engineer within the first 60 days. After that, submit your issues via our Ticketing System with up to 48 hours of response time.

Last Updated on March 15, 2023