Low-Code IoT Software Platform for Electronics Manufacturers

You develop the hardware, Blynk covers the rest while you build, launch and scale your IoT business.


Create customer-ready IoT apps with no code

  • Drag-n-drop mobile app builder
  • Over 60 GUI elements to visualize data and control devices
  • Alerts, notifications
  • Automations
  • Nested app pages
  • Can be branded and published
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Low-code IoT app builder

Easily connect supported devices

  • 10 lines of code that connect your hardware to Blynk.Cloud
  • 400 boards supported by Blynk library
  • Flexible and simple firmware API to handle events, metadata, time and location, persistent automations
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Leverage industry leading device provisioning

  • BLE-assisted device provisioning using the app or web Console
  • WiFi AP-based provisioning for devices without BLE support
  • Support for Production Line provisioning
  • Network manager for WiFi, Ethernet and cellular
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Connect IoT device to the cloud
IoT product template

Set up multiple devices with product templates

  • Store all device configurations in one Template
  • Manage or update settings for thousands of devices of the same type
  • Easily update web and mobile dashboard UI
  • Set up which device events should be tracked
  • Configure automation capabilities for the product including push notifications and alerts
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Stream and store data in the cloud

  • Secure and scalable server infrastructure binding all the platform components together
  • Send and receive data real-time or in intervals, in batches
  • Store and visualize real-time historical data
  • Cloud hosting included
  • HTTPs API to connect to your other systems
  • Private servers available with Business Plan
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Cloud storage


Blynk PRO

Launch with Blynk apps

Blynk.App and Blynk.Console set up for your business
  • Prototype and launch with up to 500 devices
  • Blynk App and Blynk Console set up for your business
  • Connect to general Blynk Cloud
  • Access to technical support
Blynk Business

White label solution

White Label IoT solution with standalone mobile apps
  • Launch a full-scale IoT solution under your brand
  • Publish standalone mobile apps
  • Web dashboard with your URL
  • Private server in your region
  • Dedicated launch engineer
  • Localization (with an add-on)
  • Voice assistants (with an add-on)
  • Access to database (with an add-on)


Organize clients and permissions

  • Add and manage thousands of users
  • Multi-tenant system
  • Create your own organization hierarchy of up to 5 levels
  • Edit user roles assigning granular permissions
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Multi-level user and permission management system
Manage thousands if IoT devices worldwide

Manage thousands of devices

  • Add multiple products to the same app with  templates
  • Bulk actions with devices
  • OTA firmware updates out of the box for supported hardware via WiFi or cellular
  • Direct/Local firmware update from app to device for Business plan users
More on device management →Manage thousands if IoT devices worldwide

Upgrade when ready

check-boldTransparent pricing model
check-boldPlan tiers to add more devices
check-boldAdd-ons for custom functionality

Track product usage and upsell in the app

With a marketing add-on you get a new channel for direct communication with your customers:
  • Engage through push notifications and in-app messaging
  • Share news about your products
  • Integrate with your other marketing systems
  • Track app UI effectiveness
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In-app messages and push notifications. App usage analytics.

Enough scrolling. Let's get started!

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