Blynk Business Plan (White Label Solution)

Your own IoT apps published in AppStore and Google play, connecting with your private server.

Production-ready IoT infrastructure
in just two weeks


Hosted secure cloud server in region of choice on your URL


Consumer-facing mobile apps that work with your devices


Hardware agent that supports over 400 microcontrollers and modems


Web portal to manage data, users, devices, and organizations

What's included:


Standalone Mobile Apps
• Your own, branded standalone IoT apps ready to be published to App Store and Google Play
• Powerful dashboards organized in pages and tabs with access privileges
• All GUI widgets with no restrictions

Branded Web IoT portal
Web portal with your company branding and URL


• Encrypted communication between Cloud, apps, and devices (for supported hardware)
• Built-in user registration with verification
• Configurable roles and permissions to access devices and users
• 24/7 incident monitoring


• 10,000 devices included in the plan
• Higher volume tiers available
• Update supported devices over-the-air with Blynk.Air
• Local over-the-air updates


• Secure private cloud server ready to connect your devices
• 12 months device data storage (1min avg)
• 3 months of uncomressed raw data storage
• Data export to CSV


• Open-source hardware libraries to connect any device to Blynk.Cloud using WiFi, Ethernet, or cellular (2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, etc) connection
• Combined connectivity (e.g Cellular + Ethernet)
• Connect devices to local WiFi network directly from Blynk app
• Dual-MCU support


• User management
• Roles and permissions management
• Create and manage sub-organizations


• Dedicated launch manager for 60 days
• Uptime SLA

Built on Blynk Business

Our software will cover the use cases you can’t even think of yet, all based on real-world learnings from hundreds of IoT businesses before you. Here are some of them.

Pricing without the guesswork

Most IoT platforms charge based on hardware messages and a ton of other variables, making it hard for you to predict your software costs.

Our pricing is simple and transparent. You can reliably build software costs into the price of your product or pass them on to your clients.

Add custom features

• Alexa and Google Home support
• Fleet management
• App localization
• Partner flow

Risk-free decision for you

60 day money back guarantee with an annual subscription

Smooth and transparent process

Get familiar with the timeline and the stages for custom app publishing

Ready to get your own IoT apps?

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