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Airius Fans: new efficiency in HVAC tech


IoT-enabled wireless industrial fans

Airius is an HVAC manufacturer based in Colorado, USA. It's a family-owned company that initially started as Avedon Engineering over 50 years ago. Airius current offering includes several product lines that serve the air circulation and air purification needs of most building types and sizes. Their mission is to bring comfort, clean air and HVAC energy savings to everyone.


Airius was building the next generation of their destratification fans - aiming to switch from wired to wireless ones, enable a whole new level of efficiency and significantly optimize the maintenance process. The company's expertise is in building products out of steel and plastic, and an IoT product was very much out of the scope of internal capabilities. They were looking for a partner to help build the firmware and mobile application for their new connected fans, as well as a reliable cloud service provider.


Blynk was selected as an IoT solution that ticked all of the boxes, offered unparalleled time to market and very competitive pricing.

Blynk platform and Blynk Studios helped Airius to:

  • integrate Texas Instruments CC3220MODA module to enable Wifi connectivity in its Pearlink product
  • develop the firmware that can be updated over-the-air
  • connect the devices to fast and secure Blynk.Cloud
  • build a software logic for preventative maintanence based on the time in operation
  • build and publish a branded consumer facing app on IoS and Android

Airius connected fans can now be easily monitored and controlled remotely via a mobile app. This has not just dramatically improved the client experience and made the product more competitive in market, but also radically simplified the technical maintenance - a critical aspect for product that is typically placed in high to reach places such as ceilings.

Blynk-powered, Pearlink Wireless Fan Controller mobile app continues to get great feedback from Airius customers as demonstrated by the 5-star reviews on AppStore and Google Play.
When initially researching, we looked at several companies in the IoT space and determined that Blynk’s platform they have developed would allow us to bring a product quickly to market without having to hire a dedicated team to recreate the wheel. By leveraging the Blynk platform it has allowed us to bring a professional level of IoT application expertise to our fan customers.
Christian Avedon
Director of Sales and Marketing at Airius, LLC
September 9, 2021

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