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Air Quality Monitor that Configures to Your Needs

DSTech builds distributed air quality sensor networks focused on monitoring harmful combustion proxies. ObservAir® modular platform flexibly measures black carbon pollution, toxic gases, and other environmental indicators. The wireless sensors are compact, rugged, and easily deployed anywhere. Real-time data is sent to dedicated Blynk web and mobile dashboards for fleet management and insight generation with stakeholders. Black carbon has high spatial variability, so a low-cost, independently powered, and networked platform is necessary to detect sources and enable meaningful insight.

Modular, network-ready sensors enable accurate and convenient air quality monitoring at any scale:

  • Indoor Air Quality and Personal Monitoring
  • Ambient Monitoring Networks
  • Source Characterization
  • Mobile Platforms
  • Wildfire Detection and Monitoring


DSTech users operate their products in industry, academia, and government agencies across the world. DSTech sensors are intended to be deployed in dense networks, and a proper fleet management tool is key to data integrity. 

The users should be able to view sensor data in real time, get alerts regarding pollution events and sensor maintenance, and change parameters remotely.

DSTech customers are often large organizations (e.g. government agencies like the United States Environmental Protection Agency and Desert Research Institute or academia like John Hopkins University) running networks and requiring enterprise features of administration and permissions to protect the integrity and data of their systems.

Operating under such conditions requires a comprehensive platform that integrates fleet management tools, reliable connectivity solution, administration and permission infrastructure, secure cloud data storage, as well as client-facing web and mobile apps.

Solution Architecture

Hardware: ESP32
Connectivity: WiFi

Blynk platform included most of the functionality out-of-the-box so basically, the solution implied proper setup and integration with the company’s existing infrastructure. In addition to other features, the packaged solution Blynk.Edgent allowed setting up seamless WiFi device activation flow for the end users and OTA firmware updates without additional development.

As part of the managed IoT solution Blynk helped:

  • Set up a private business cloud server with secure data storage 
  • Deploy fleet management tools
  • Set up a multi-tenant user administration system with granular permissions
  • Configure web and mobile dashboards for device management and data visualization
  • Set up necessary notifications and alerts
  • Create branded themes for the web Console and apps
  • Publish standalone DSTech mobile apps on AppStore and Google Play Market


Adopting Blynk significantly helped to bring the product to the market faster and greatly amplified ObservAir® utility.

The process of Blynk integration was straightforward, and the staff has always been responsive in providing technical support and expedient in resolving reported bugs.

The enterprise-level product was launched within months without investing in in-house software development and support.

Blynk service is absolutely critical and integral to DSTech product line. 

Troy Cados, Co-Founder at DSTech

Blynk provided off-the-shelf features for most of the tools we required for fleet management.

Additionally, we were able to white label our app and provide enterprise-level service to our customers.

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