Wicked Smart: Connected Bedding Pads


Improving healthcare with IoT

Wicked Sheets is a US company that created washable, sensorized, WiFi-connected bedding pads for the detection and mitigation of moisture events. The solution was designed to help healthcare providers improve their services and increase the comfort level of patients.

Challenge & path

Wicked Sheets began with a simple idea: to address founder Alli Truttmann’s problem of night sweats that left her waking with a feeling of having “wet the bed”. Inspired by sports clothes, she designed an innovative line of bedding that wicks moisture away from the skin, has cooling properties, and provides deeply satisfying comfort.

Alli later recognized that the challenge extended beyond just night sweats. Tracking moisture events is crucial in hospitals and healthcare units, especially for patients with limited mobility who are confined to their beds and need constant care.

To address this, the team created a unique connected bedding pad. It enables remote tracking of the sheet's status via a mobile app, sending alarms upon status changes among its other features.

Among their key goals were:

  • Immediate notifications of moisture events
  • Provide real-time and historical data on sheet moisture
  • Show whether padding is free or occupied by a patient 
  • Branded web dashboard and mobile apps with an intuitive UI 


The Wicked Sheets team selected Blynk for its pre-built IoT functionality and the no-code mobile app builder. The Blynk Business plan catered to the software requirements for developing the Wicked Smart Pad, eliminating the need for custom development.

They set up alarms and notifications system using no-code automations. Both mobile and web dashboards, which display real-time and historical data, were created using pre-built UI components. The advanced IoT device management system, which is crucial for monitoring all devices, was included out of the box.

Easy product commissioning flow is enabled by Blynk.Edgent solution without additional development - it allows connecting the device to the WiFi hotspot in just a few clicks.  

As a part of the commercial IoT solution Blynk platform was used to:

  • Set up a dedicated business cloud server
  • Configure web and mobile dashboards for device management and data visualization
  • Create branded themes for the web Console and apps
  • Set up necessary notifications and alerts
  • Configure an easy WiFi device activation flow for the end user
  • Publish the Wicked Smart iOS and Android mobile app to app stores

All of the above was done with the support of Blynk’s dedicated launch engineer.

Alli Truttmann, Founder at Wicked Sheets

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Blynk on our new product. They have been an integral part of our pilot program. Their support team and dedicated engineers have given us so much confidence in the Blynk platform. we can’t wait to see what else we can build with them. 

We have already iterated newer versions of our software since launching the three pilots this year and Blynk’s solutions have all been exactly what we’re looking for - we can’t wait to see what else we can build with them!

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