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Sonder Regulación, founded in 1966, offers electronic engineering services for industrial production. They develop smart home products under their own Sonder label, as well as for other companies in the Heating, Air Conditioning, Industrial Cold, Electricity, and other industries. Sonder is using Blynk as a bridge to connect their new generation of devices with IoT, to improve the user experience, and give more value to customers.


Sonder team knew that IoT is the future, but also realized that IoT projects take a lot of time and require a pretty large team to develop a product for rapid deployment. In addition, IoT enabled businesses have to worry about apps, servers, user experience, etc.

They needed a reliable and robust platform that would do the heavy lifting for them. Sonder wanted to find a platform that supported their hardware, enabled a short time to market, was easy of use, and generally offered. a stable solution with minimal maintenance. They started out by using Electric Imp IoT platform, but were not fully satisfied with the results and decided to look for a new IoT partner.


Blynk is helping Sonder link their devices to the internet for the first time, providing a sleek and user friendly app interface for the thermostats. At first, they started with Electric Imp, but their IoT platform offered limited capabilities for development. After switching to Blynk, Sonder's app development and updates process became super easy, allowing them to deliver a better final product. As a result, Sonder has been able to enter a market that could not enter before, opening a new line of products that are oriented to the general public.

Components and services used

Mobile app constructor

Drag-n-drop mobile application builder was used to create the initial prototype, transform it into the final user experience, and become the final product

Hardware Library

Blynk hardware API for ESP8266 chip was used for WiFi communication between devices, Blynk.Cloud, and mobile apps.

Blynk.Cloud for Businesses

A dedicated Business Cloud Server was launched to keep "all the dots" connected, store data, and provide user management.


A special theme was applied to the apps together with the app icon, company logo, fonts, and brand colors.

App Publishing

iOS and Android apps were published to the App Store and Google Play and transferred under Sonder ownership.


Blynk.Inject allows new customers to easily connect devices to their home or office WiFi network.


Blynk.Faces are designed for on-the-fly updates of apps UI without re-publishing.


Blynk.R module is used to register new users, for password management, transactional emails and user profiling.


IoT experts from Blynk.Studio team worked closely with management team to identify requirements and deliver platform customizations on time.

Alexandre Carrillo

Embedded Software Engineer at Sonder

With Blynk, developing an app is quite easy. We can create a professional-looking app in a short period. We can easily test what works and what doesn’t before launch time. Making changes and updates is fast, so that we can deliver a better final product. Blynk helped us improve productivity by making app development and deployment faster, so we can focus our efforts on improving all of our products.

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