Aridea: smart pool alarm system

Smart warning system for a safe pool

Aridea Solutions is a US company building IoT solutions for various industries, including smart home and agriculture. They focus on remote environmental monitoring and have recently launched a Wifi-enabled pool monitoring and alarm system designed to alert when a person or pet falls into water.


Aridea Solutions were looking for an IoT partner and platform to enhance their unique pool alarm system with WiFi based app control.

Key goals:
  • Build and publish standalone cross-platform iOS and Android apps connected to Aridea pool kits
  • Find an out-of-the-box IoT solution with extensive device management functionality that would allow short go to market time
  • Allow users to manage the pool system pool through the app from anywhere in the world and ensure great experience

Solution: IoT app for advanced water monitoring

In a few weeks after signing up for Blynk White Label IoT solution, Aridea launched their consumer facing mobile apps for their Pool Guardian and a web based management dashboard allowing Aridea staff to monitor and analyze the use of their devices, as well as do over-the-air firmware updates. The solution works with the secure Private Cloud set up by Blynk.

The mobile apps provide Aridea clients with a simple way to control the floating unit and indoor alarms. The Pool Guardian system includes a remote (indoor/outdoor) alarm and pool unit alarm designed to alert when a person or pet falls into water. The app allows to manage arm/disarm, sensitivity adjustment, and diagnostics including status and battery level. The app allows to set up auto re-arm mode - when disarmed so you can swim the Pool Guardian will rearm after a period of inactivity.


New Wifi-enabled pool alarm launched in just 2 months
  • Highly rated mobile app allowing to remotely monitor and manage pools with Aridea system
  • Excellent feedback from users on the device connection process
  • More Aridea products to be added soon thanks to Blynk's ready-to-use IoT offering
Rob Moore, VP of Solutions Development at Aridea
Blynk has been the bright point of our IoT product launch. The software has been working flawlessly and allowed us to focus on all of the other issues that came up in the product building process. Our clients love how easy it is to connect and control the device over the Internet!

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