BLYNK IOT customer success story

Award-winning wi-fi connected airlock by Plaato that changed beer brewing forever


The world's first connected beer fermentation analyzer

Plaato designed a 100% non-invasive digital airlock that monitors the beer fermentation process. It measures the amount of CO2 that's released and sends this information to the cloud, giving brewers up-to-the-minute stats on yeast activity and temperature right on their tablet or smartphone.

Using data from previous batches, Plaato can estimate the specific gravity of the beer, giving brewers an accurate reading on the alcoholic content of their brew.


2 Months
To launch IoT infrastructure with Blynk: connect devices, launch server, build mobile apps
3,500 Devices
Sold in first batch. Over 1500 are shipped and activated wordlwide
$205,000 Raised
Raised during Kickstarted campaign from 1,446 first customers
Since launch we have had zero server problems, and maintenance for us is minimal. This lets us focus on making the product even better.

We started shipping in June 2018, almost a year after Kickstarter campaign launch. Most of our initial backers have already received their Airlocks. We are now tweaking production and ramping up.
Tarje Sandvik
Developer at Plaato
From the time the product launched on Kickstarter, we had two months to finish firmware, launch server and publish mobile apps for Android and iOS. And we had only one engineer to make it happen.

After we used Blynk for prototypes, it became the obvious choice for a production stage.
Tarje Sandvik
Developer at Plaato

Blynk supported Plaato all the way from prototyping to product launch, and beyond.

Plaato used Blynk apps for iOS and Android to check their assumptions and iteratively build more sophisticated product every day

Having the app prototype from the day one dramatically changed the way they were able to test the product with first users. Quick Iterative approach is crucial for any innovative product like this
Together with Plaato, Blynk's engineering service team, Blynk.Studio, developed custom functionality to match the product and business requirements.

Blynk design team used Plaato brand guidelines to create branding theme which was applied to final version of the apps.
Plaato apps for iOS and Android were published to App Store and Google Play ready to be downloaded by their new users

All Plaato devices are connected to a dedicated secure and reliable Plaato Cloud Server.
To keep the Plaato App interactive while the Airlock is in power-save mode, we needed a touch of custom development. Blynk.Studio engineers have developed a special server plugin which allowed the Airlock to work seamlessly in power-save mode. The development took a bit longer than planned, but did not set us back.

Also, due to the delay in production, we had time to add newest functionality from Blynk which was just announced. It significantly improved the end-user experience when handling multiple devices.
Tarje Sandvik
Developer at Plaato

Components and services used

Mobile app constructor
Drag-n-drop mobile application builder was used to create initial prototype, transform it into final user-experience, and become the final product
Hardware Library
Blynk hardware API for ESP8266 chip was used for WiFi communication between devices, Blynk.Cloud, and mobile apps
Blynk.Cloud for Businesses
A dedicated Plaato Business Cloud Server was launched to keep "all the dots" connected, store data, and provide user management.

A special Plaato-branded theme was applied to the apps together with app icon, company logo, fonts, and brand colors

App Publishing
Plaato iOS and Android apps were published to App Store and Google Play and transferred under August&Wonder ownership

Blynk.Inject allows new customers to easily connect Plaato airlock to their home or office WiFi network

Blynk.Faces are designed for on-the-fly updates of apps UI without re-publishing.

Blynk.R module is used to register new Plaato users, password management, transactional emails and user profiling

Firmware over-the-air updates are used to update units after they have been delivered to customers

IoT experts from Blynk.Studio team worked closely with Plaato engineering and management team to identify requirements and deliver platform customizations on time

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