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Cellular controllers for agriculture

Fetzer Automation is a US company that develops cellular controllers for remote irrigation control. Fetzer built a solution with Blynk that completely customizes products based on their customers' specific needs and preferences. The app interacts with hardware allowing users to remotely manage their equipment, monitor sensor values, and receive notifications or email alerts for certain events or conditions.


Trenton was looking to build mobile apps for their controller devices and needed an advanced, low code IoT platform that could help accelerate the process and make it more cost-effective. The original idea was to make a standard controller with the same code and functionality for mass production, but it turned into every single controller having to be customized for each client's individual need. Most of Fetzer's clients are private farmers, so the company was looking for ways to help them automate and simplify their agricultural work.

Key goals:
  • Build and publish standalone iOS and Android apps connected to a controller base
  • Allow to remotely monitor and control devices using smartphone and tablet
  • Send alerts to users for unexpected events or conditions
  • Implement custom app UI for different users

Solution: IoT app with customization for clients

Using Blynk, Fetzer Automation enabled its clients to control and monitor pump motors and canal levels for irrigation distribution via standalone apps published to AppStore and Google Play. Blynk.Faces feature allowed to introduce multiple application screens for different users and a unique layout that suits their personal needs. The app allows monitoring up to 14 different sensor inputs such as pressure, level, temperature and comply with industry standards.

Currently, Fetzer supplies controllers to the irrigation water supply company who use 10 controllers to monitor and control their pump stations to supply water to farmers around the area. Also farmers use controllers to monitor and control their pumps. Fetzer’s clients can now receive notifications or email alerts for events or certain conditions and are able to fix them remotely.


Blynk’s platform flexibility allowed Trenton to connect products to a cellular network to eliminate the need to manually travel to pump locations to turn equipment on/off and offer customized solutions to their customers.

Among the key results:
  • A user-friendly app that easily connects to Fetzer’s controllers allowing to monitor and manage devices remotely
  • Optimized and automated irrigation process for Fetzer's clients
  • Ability to quickly react to any issues by receiving notifications and alerts
  • Major time and cost savings for both Fetzer and its clients
Trenton Fetzer
This was really my first experience with IoT and Blynk was very simple for me to use and helped make my project look way more professional. We managed to connect to Blynk via cellular and enabled our clients to monitor and manage pump motors and canal levels for irrigation distribution remotely.

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