BeeMate: AI-Powered Hives

Precision beekeeping

BeeMate is an Australian company that has created unique AI-driven hives! They built a solution for beekeepers to help them make data-driven decisions and maintain hive health. In addition to monitoring main conditions, like temperature, sound level, etc, the device also counts bees, detects pests, and allows watching your bees in real time.


BeeMate was building a system of smart entrance and sensors for hives. They needed sensors to measure temperature, humidity & sound within the hives, aggregate all data on the base and send it to the cloud. Then, present the data for beekeepers on the informative dashboards in the mobile app, and send them notifications in case any values are beyond the optimal. 

Also, BeeMate developed an AI model that helps recognize and classify workers, drones, and the queen, as well as detect pests so owners can eliminate potential harm caused by them.

The team was looking for one IoT platform to cover all of their software needs, including a private cloud, branded mobile apps, and advanced IoT device management tools. Blynk turned out to be a perfect fit!

Among their key goals were:

  • Allow real-time monitoring of hive conditions - humidity, sound level, etc 
  • Incorporate a live-stream video into the app and web dashboard
  • Provide beekeepers with alarms and notifications if the conditions in the hive are not acceptable
  • Build and publish branded standalone iOS and Android apps


Hardware: Raspberry Pi 

Beemate team chose Blynk for the pre-built IoT functionality and no-code mobile app builder. Blynk covered software needs for the BeeMate team without a need for custom development. The primary use cases include no-code automations, collecting and visualizing real-time data, and advanced IoT device management functionality.

As a part of the commercial IoT solution Blynk platform was used to:

  • Set up a dedicated business cloud server
  • Set up a multi-tenant user administration system with granular permissions
  • Set up necessary notifications and alerts
  • Configure web and mobile dashboards for device management and data visualization
  • Publishing Beemate iOS and Android mobile apps to the app stores.

All of the above was done with the support of a dedicated launch engineer.

Sam Yeats, Founder at BeeMate

We were looking for a full set of IoT software, including cloud and mobile apps and luckily found Blynk!

In addition to the pre-built functionality that significantly simplified development, we were also able to create mobile and web dashboards with literally no code and even fulfill our specific need of having a live-stream video in the app!

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