Modular Farms: The Ultimate Vertical Farming Solution


IoT-powered agriculture

Modular Farms, an agritech company from Australia, produces a unique modular container system for growing plants. Engineered to support the highest quality of plant health and efficient growing, the system can produce industry-leading harvest yields. It now comes with software that allows automation of everything from climate control to nutrient management and beyond.

Challenge & path

Designed specifically for the diverse Oceanic climate, the Modular Farming System has been created to support farmers everywhere from remote isolated communities to complex urban centers. The team envisioned a need to integrate IoT software to improve the farming experience further: automate the processes to make the system even more scalable, optimize maintenance, and allow their customers to get better yields with data-driven decisions.

Modular Farms team was looking for a low-code IoT platform that provides the complete software ecosystem, including the cloud and a toolset to build high-quality mobile apps and a web dashboard.

Among their desired features and key goals were:

  • Provide real-time data on environmental and soil conditions
  • Notification system 
  • A comprehensive automation system
  • Video streaming
  • Easy device activation flow by end users
  • Branded and user-friendly web portal and mobile apps for iOS and Android


Hardware: ESP32

Blynk's Enterprise plan covered all the IoT software requirements for the Modular Farms team. They crafted a functional mobile app and web dashboard and integrated all the envisioned features using Blynk's low-code stack. 

A smooth device activation flow by end-users was implemented with Blynk.Edgent packaged solution. To connect the device, a user just enters WiFi credentials in their app. 

As a part of the commercial IoT solution Blynk platform was used to:

  • Set up a dedicated business cloud server
  • Configure web and mobile dashboards for device management and data visualization
  • Create branded themes for the web Console and apps
  • Set up necessary notifications and alerts
  • Configure an easy device activation flow for the end user
  • Publish the GrowSmart mobile app to the Google Play and App Store

All of the above was done with the support of Blynk’s dedicated launch engineer.

James Pateras, Founder at Modular Farms

Blynk made it easy for us to add smart features to our farming system, saving months and thousands in development costs.

With a no-code app builder, we could create comprehensive yet user-friendly mobile and web dashboards for all the data and controls.

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