Meet the next-generation Blynk platform!

The big day is here - our brand new Blynk platform is open for sign-up! We are so thrilled to put this powerful software machine into the hands of our community.

Blynk’s journey, which started in 2014 with the first-of-its-kind mobile app builder and turned us into one of the most popular IoT platforms worldwide, is taking a new exciting turn.

We have spent the last few years working with businesses across many industries - from Smart Home to Agriculture to HVAC and Asset Tracking. We have simplified IoT for them and built advanced functionality to cover all of their software needs, including device provisioning and management, data hosting in the cloud, mobile and web apps for their customers, firmware over-the-air updates, user and organization management, data analytics, all kinds of automations and pretty much anything that may come up in an IoT-powered business.
So what does this mean for our developer community? From now on, we will not only be enabling our 500,000+ DIY ninjas to build awesome IoT projects but will also give everyone the tools to build and monetize real connected products. Yes, that’s right - anyone with an MCU, some coding skills, and a great product idea can start an IoT business. All without the heavy investment that such a business usually requires.

We have also decided to give all users a chance to try all of the advanced features for FREE during the next 30 days! Only after that we will introduce the new, very flexible subscription plans (including Free plan).

The new platform is designed to support projects at any scale - from personal DIY creations to millions of commercial connected devices - and out of the box will cover 90-100% of use cases a business can face in the first years of IoT operations.

Among the key new features of the platform, you will find:

  • Blynk.360: a web portal to monitor devices, manage who has access to the data, do over-the-air updates, and much more.
  • A new approach to device model creation
  • Blynk.inject: a WI-FI manager built into the new Blynk app
  • All kinds of Automations (Eventor on steroids)
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Home (available in 1 month)
For a deeper dive into the new functionality, check out this post
We spent the last 3 years turning Blynk into the most user-friendly and well-designed commercial IoT software platform in the world. The mission of new Blynk is to further eliminate barriers of entry for new IoT-powered businesses of all sizes. IoT solutions will no longer be a privilege of companies with large engineering teams.
Pavlo Bayborodin
Founder and CEO of Blynk
With the new Blynk platform, you have the choice to publish your own branded app to the App Store and Google Play, or you can have clients download the Blynk app and pair it with your product. The Blynk app has been downloaded by more than 1.5M users globally, so going the unbranded route - on top of being super affordable - can also give your user acquisition efforts a big head start.

Now go ahead and check out the new platform and iOS & Android apps for yourself! Or keep on reading to see what our clients and partners think about it.

Wondering what will happen to the old platform? We have prepared an FAQ to address the most common questions.

Cheers to the new phase of innovation in the IoT space!
Mohamed Awad
Vice President, IoT Business at Arm
As the IoT continues to see rapid growth, Arm is focused on empowering IoT developers to innovate and capitalize on the expanding market opportunities in this space. Blynk’s new platform will further enable the developer ecosystem to quickly turn projects and ideas into IoT solutions.
Elaine Wu
Marketing Manager at Seeed
Blynk software support has always been one of the top asks from the users of Seeed hardware. We're happy to partner with Blynk to have their next generation available on our Wio Terminal. With Blynk, our community members will be able to access to all new Blynk capabilities and explore IoT in a more efficient way.
James Crowley
Product Manager at Aquascape
We have been using Blynk software platform with excellent results. Our clients love managing their devices with Blynk-powered mobile apps and we are continuously expanding our line of connected products.
Will Hart
CEO of a US-based air sensor technology firm Zeptive 
Blynk has been a perfect solution for our new business. We were able to go from prototype to a live connected product with our own mobile app in just two weeks.
Stefan Fiedler
CEO of Fiedler GMBH, a German city cleaning equipment manufacturer
We were looking for an advanced and reliable platform to power the new version of our equipment. Partnership with Blynk has been very strong and is helping us hit all of the important milestones in our IoT development journey.
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