What happened to the legacy Blynk platform? (FAQ)

Super exciting to see so many users joining the new Blynk platform every day! If you are not among them yet - try it out now!

New Blynk represents the new generation of IoT software, more advanced and robust than our previous platform, and is tailored for developers, small businesses and startups. The platform functionality includes device provisioning and management, data hosting in the cloud, mobile and web apps for customers and staff, firmware over-the-air updates, user and organization management, data analytics, all kinds of automations, and much more.

Wondering what will happen with the legacy apps? Spoiler alert - old apps continue working, but will no longer be developed or supported. The new user registration will no longer be allowed. Read along to learn more about what to expect.
Will the old platform continue to work?

Currently there is no plan to shut down Blynk legacy platform server. So old apps will continue working, but will no longer be developed or supported. We recommend making the transition to the new iOS & Android apps ASAP to not just take advantage of the new and ever-improving functionality, but also to ensure stable performance of your projects.

Will my current projects be available in the new platform?
The architecture of the new platform is quite different, so all projects will need to be re-created. However, the code you used on devices be re-used with minor changes.
Can I still install the old app?
Legacy apps will remain available in the app stores for some time, but the new user registration will be disabled soon.
What will happen with my local Blynk server?
Your local server will continue working with the legacy Blynk app. The new platform does not support local server, but there are free and low-cost options for making your project work with the new Blynk.Cloud.
Why should I migrate now?

Blynk legacy platform users will get 5 additional free devices if they register and activate their first device before July 25. The additional devices will be added to their accounts on or before July 25th (not immediately after 1st device activation).

Users who purchased Energy in the old app prior to the new platform launch will get 5 free devices and 50% off the first year of an annual PLUS or PRO plan if they register by July 25. These users will receive an email with a discount code.

Will there be tutorials on how to migrate my project to the new platform?
Yes, we will publish a tutorial very soon. Please stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter or following Blynk's post in social media.
Got more questions? Go ahead and ask them on our forum. We will make sure to respond soon.
June 17, 2021
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