Build your first IoT app in five minutes

Here is what you need to Blynk

A Smartphone

• Android OS version 5+
• iOS version 14.1+

Blynk doesn't run on Windows Phones, Blackberries and other dead platforms. Sorry.

You can also run Blynk on emulators

IoT Hardware

Blynk can run on over 400 hardware modules. The most popular are:

• ESP32
• ESP8266
• NodeMCU
• Arduino (any model)
• Raspberry Pi (any model)
• Particle (any model)

Internet Connection

To connect your hardware to the Internet, you can choose almost any module either built-in, or external shields. Supported connectivity:

• WiFi
• Ethernet
• Cellular (GSM, 2g, 3g, 4g, LTE)
• LoRaWAN (Enterprise)

Get started in 5 minutes


Create a Blynk account

1 minute

The Quickstart guide will start automatically


Follow Quickstart guide

3 minutes

We will walk you through the whole process


Install Blynk apps

1 minute

No iOS or Android coding required


Enjoy Blynking


Let's go! Register an account on Blynk

Blynk.Console is the easiest way to build your own IoT product with a mobile app that works with the hardware of your choice.

Once you log in have a brief Blynk Tour to have an idea of how the platform works. Then the Quickstart guide will start automatically.

Follow Quickstart guide

Install Blynk Library

Blynk Library is an extension that runs on your hardware. It handles connectivity, device authentication in the cloud, and commands processing between Blynk app, Cloud, and hardware.

It's highly flexible whether you are starting from scratch, or integrating Blynk into existing project.

Check this help article if you need instructions on how to install Blynk Library for your IDE.

Prepare firmware sketch

In most cases Quickstart will propose a ready code and you can enter your Wi-Fi credentials of you chose this type of connectivity.

Flash firmware to your device

Copy and paste the code to you IDE and upload the sketch to your board. The device will show up online!

Download Blynk App

Quickstart automatically creates a basic interface in your Blynk app, so you can monitor and control your device instantly.

Now add your own logic with Blynk's drag-n-drop app constructor, packed with IoT features:

  • Visualize and plot data from any sensor
  • Control relays, motors, and any electrical appliances
  • Get push notifications, send emails
  • Add multiple devices

...and much much more

Welcome to the IoT with Blynk 🎉

Now that you have a device online and a basic app you can adjust the Quickstart Template and the firmware to your specific needs and further build out the device dashboards.

Other helpful links to master Blynk