The Market. Wi-Fi connected Masterpiece by August&Wonder


New Art For The Financial World

"The Market" is an interactive sculpture, that moves when money moves, it tracks indexes and cryptocurrencies. It uses WiFi to connect to fetch market data. Enchanted to change with the capital markets from Bull to Bear and back.
Blynk was crucial in the creation and success of The Market Series A. Our developers had to make it simple for users to connect, set up and control the device. This means providing users a choice of iOS and Android apps for them to use, and a cloud-based backend management infrastructure.
Steve August
Founder & CEO of August&Wonder
Blynk's platform completely covered connected software for the team so they could focus on product design. Then Blynk.Studio helped to customize the look and feel and delivered branded apps to app stores. Blynk did the heavy lifting while the team saved time and money not having to build the apps from scratch.
Steve August
Founder & CEO of August&Wonder

From prototyping to product launch and beyond

Steve and his engineering team used Blynk apps for iOS and Android to build a prototype of the for The Market.

Apart from creating end-user experience, August&Wonder used Blynk to stream telemetry from device to smartphone and it helped them to fine-tune the mechanical movement and optimize battery life.
Together with August&Wonder, Blynk's engineering service team, Blynk.Studio, helped with developing firmware that would integrate connectivity and provisioning routines with hardware controlling code.

Blynk. Studio designers created unique design theme to reflect the luxurious feel in the app.
Apps for iOS and Android were published to App Store and Google Play, ready to be downloaded by new clients.

All devices are connected to a dedicated secure Business Cloud Server.

Components and services used in the project

Mobile app constructor
Drag-n-drop mobile application builder was used to create initial prototype, transform it into final user-experience, and become the final product
Hardware Library
Blynk hardware API for ESP8266 chip was used for WiFi communication between devices, Blynk.Cloud, and mobile apps
Blynk.Cloud for Businesses
A dedicated August&Wonder Business Cloud Server was launched to keep "all the dots" connected, store data, and provide user management.

A special August&Wonder branded theme was applied to the apps together with app icon, company logo, fonts, and brand colors

App Publishing
iOS and Android apps were published to App Store and Google Play and transferred under August&Wonder ownership

Blynk.Inject allows new customers to easily connect The Market Series A to their home or office WiFi network

Blynk.Faces are designed for on-the-fly updates of apps UI without re-publishing.

Blynk.R module is responsible for new users registration, password management, transactional emails and user profiling

Firmware over-the-air updates are used to update units after they have been delivered to customers

IoT experts from Blynk.Studio team worked closely with August&Wonder engineering and management team to identify requirements and deliver platform customizations on time
"The Market Series A" by August&Wonder got a lot of attention. It was recently featured by Touch of Modern and now being carried by Hammacher Schlemmer - one of the largest online catalogues of unique gifts.

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