Introducing contest winners 🏆

The contest has become a showcase of projects highlighting the powerful potential of IoT in various industries. All projects are working IoT prototypes that can be used commercially and easily scaled with Blynk functionality.

Congratulations to the winners! We hope the year of PRO plan subscription will be an opportunity and additional motivation to launch your own IoT product!

Let’s go ahead and learn more about these great projects!

Greenhouse Automation on Blynk

Industry: Agriculture
Arduino Nano R3, ESP32

The project is a great example of automation in agriculture. It was created to monitor and remotely control the environment in the greenhouse. Based on sensor data it automatically opens or closes the window via the actuator and turns on / off fans. Moreover, the solution is entirely solar-powered!

Automated Solar Energy Distribution  

Industry: Smart Energy
Raspberry Pi 3 Model Bi+

A grid-tied solar system is designed to always operate at the maximum production capacity of the solar panels, and cannot be set on low production mode. In some countries, the export of excessive energy from self-consumption solar is forbidden. The project was born to maximize solar energy utilization by automatically redirecting all excess solar energy into existing electric heaters in the house. Read more here.

Dough Monitoring in Sourdough Bread Making

Industry: Food & Beverage
Arduino Mega 2560, ESP8266 ESP-01

Growing a starter for sourdough bread might take 3-4 days. The pH level and dough temperature are essential factors to consider during sourdough bread-making for the proper fermentation process, as well as the ambient temperature and humidity - as they will directly affect the dough. This IoT solution and mobile app help to monitor the process and get notifications when some conditions are beyond the limits. The complete project is here.

Lifestyle Property Monitoring

Industry: Smart Home
ESP8266 Node MCU, ESP32 Dev Kit V1, Atiny85

Comprehensive home automation project to keep an eye on everything in the house - monitor water levels, usage, and pressure in the tank, receive an alarm in case of pump failure, automatically close garage door if it is left open in the evening and even get notified when the mouse trap has done its job! Read more here.

Dew Heater Controller for Astrophotography Equipment

Industry: Other
ESP32 DevKit4

The project idea is to control dew heaters and monitor humidity, temperature, and dew point parameters for sensitive astrophotography equipment. It allows keeping the equipment protected from the impact of the environment all year round, even during long periods of disuse.

As per contest rules, we have selected 5 winners who will get a year of PRO subscription. However, we would love to reward the following project with a free year of Blynk Plus subscription!

Smart Water Meter

Industry: Utilities and Metering

The water meter project for real-time data on water usage and flow rate. The solution also enables receiving a notification when the daily use is above the average or the water flow is detected when you are out of the home. 

Most of the winner projects were built in less than a month. With Blynk low-code IoT platform you can connect a device and set up core functionality without extensive coding, and create a mobile app by simply placing widgets on the dashboard. Even a more complex IoT solution is a matter of weeks, not years.

Congratulations to the winners and a thank you for joining the contest and sharing your cool ideas! We will definitely repeat this amazing experience - stay tuned!

April 13, 2023
CRO at Blynk

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