December platform updates

In this December recap, we are sharing some exciting platform updates! Read more below and, as always, share your feedback with us on our forum.
Automations now in Blynk.Console

Previously Automations feature was available in mobile app only. From now on you can automate in your browser! 

With Automations you can create scenarios which start with a certain trigger. For example, you can set up an Automation to turn your boiler OFF when the temperature goes above 40°C degrees and turn it back ON when the temperature falls below 35°C. 

What’s also cool is that Automations can work between multiple devices!

Read more in documentation
New Widget: Image Gallery

With a new Image Gallery widget on Blynk.Console, you can add your own images to the dashboard and change them based on the values from the hardware. 

For example, add a few images of a water tank with various fluid levels and visualize it nicely instead of just showing a number.

Enum Datastreams in Blynk apps

Enumerable is a data type that consists of predefined values. This is commonly used in programming. For example, modes of AC can be described as: 

0 = AC Off

1 = AC ON

2 = Fan Mode

3 = Eco Mode

Now you can send only numeric values and Blynk apps will handle the correct mapping.

For example, you can use it in the Segmented Switch widget to send values from 0 to 3, but everywhere in the app, this datastream will show the actual mode names. 

It even works in Automations. For example, you can create a scenario "When the temperature goes below 22ºC, set AC to Fan Mode".

New Plus plan with more devices!

Add up to 20 devices with the new Blynk Plus20 plan. This was a highly requested feature from our community and here it is. All the perks of regular Plus like premium widgets, additional app pages, and longer data storage are included.

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November 26, 2021
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