Blynk.NCP Integrated with Zephyr RTOS for Enhanced IoT Development

Exciting news for the IoT community! Blynk.NCP technology now comes pre-integrated with Zephyr OS, a powerful and scalable real-time operating system.

With this new integration, developers who are using Zephyr in their products can now easily achieve:

  • Enhanced Performance: Separating connectivity and application logic leads to more efficient resource utilization and enhanced device performance.
  • Simplified Development: Developers can focus on the application logic without worrying about connectivity issues.
  • Improved Reliability: With dedicated processors for different tasks, the overall system reliability increases, reducing downtime and maintenance.
  • OTA firmware updates: The Blynk.NCP library for Zephyr also implements the Blynk.Air OTA updates out of the box, leveraging the excellent MCUboot bootloader.
  • Speed to Market: This integration significantly reduces development time, instantly bringing on board not only connectivity but a ton of other features you would otherwise have to develop yourself: device management, user management, device provisioning, OTA, mobile apps, web console, etc.

What is Blynk.NCP?

Blynk.NCP is a software solution for Network Co-Processors (NCPs), which are microcontrollers with integrated connectivity. It handles networking tasks for IoT devices over WiFi, Ethernet, Cellular, or any combination. This kind of dual-MCU configuration allows the main controller to focus on essential tasks like sensor readings and data processing.

Why choose Zephyr OS for your IoT projects?

When it comes to selecting an operating system for IoT devices, Zephyr OS stands out as a premier choice for several reasons. And here’s why:

  • Open Source and Community-Driven: Zephyr OS benefits from contributions from a global community of developers which ensures continuous improvement and incorporation of the latest technological advancements.
  • Advanced Security Standards: Zephyr OS offers built-in security features and standards like secure boot, crypto support, and secure device management, ensuring reliable defense against potential vulnerabilities and making it suitable for deployment in regulated industries.
  • Scalability and Modularity: Zephyr's modular design scales from simple, low-resource devices to advanced enterprise systems, making it ideal for various IoT devices, from basic sensors to complex smart gadgets.
  • Real-Time Performance: As a real-time operating system (RTOS), Zephyr provides predictable, precise timing for critical applications which is essential in IoT applications.
  • Low Power Consumption: Zephyr OS is designed for efficiency, which is crucial for IoT devices that often run on batteries, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Extensive Hardware Support: Zephyr OS supports a broad range of hardware platforms, making it adaptable to almost any IoT project.
  • Developer-Friendly Environment: Zephyr provides a rich set of development tools and a Discord community server, making it accessible for both seasoned developers and those new to IoT development.
  • Ecosystem Integration: Zephyr's compatibility with various IoT ecosystems, including the integration with Blynk.NCP ensures it can easily fit into existing technology stacks and workflows.

Getting Started with Blynk.NCP and Zephyr OS

We've prepared firmware samples with instructions for a range of Zephyr-compatible boards and their recommended NCP shields: 

Use this example Zephyr firmware project to kickstart your new development, or use it as a reference to integrate Blynk.NCP into your existing Zephyr project.

Bottom line

Blynk.NCP, now integrated with Zephyr OS, offers a practical solution for advanced IoT projects. This integration streamlines development by offloading complex networking tasks, allowing developers to focus on the core functionalities of their devices. With Blynk.NCP, you get enhanced performance, reliability, native iOS and Android apps, device/user management and the convenience of OTA firmware updates. It's a time-saving choice for those using Zephyr OS in IoT solutions, from basic sensors to more elaborate systems.

Feel free to get in touch with our team to discuss your new commercial IoT product.

January 17, 2024
Co-Founder & Systems Architect at Blynk

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