Renewable energy, living art and air quality - IoT solutions built with Blynk PRO

From renewable energy solutions and advanced air quality monitors to living art - diverse industries are taking advantage of Blynk’s low-code approach. Today, we're spotlighting projects built with our PRO plan! Discover how startups across various sectors efficiently bring their ideas to life with minimal investment.

Suneo Energy

Industry: Renewable Energy
Country: Colombia

Suneo is a company that focuses on renewable energy products - one of their latest innovations is the vertical axis wind turbine. This model stands out by its silent operation and a design that ensures optimal power production regardless of wind direction. Among other unique features, it has embedded IoT monitoring, allowing customers to see real-time power production in the app built on Blynk. While the Suneo team initially experimented with another IoT platform, they found that Blynk’s architecture and functionality allow for going from the development stage to mass production without major hardware, software, and firmware changes.

Variance Design

Industry: Urban Greenery

Variance Design is a design and fabrication shop specializing in Living Walls, Vivariums, and Habitats. Their unique art pieces demand particular environmental conditions, like temperature, humidity, amount of light, etc., which is quite challenging when access is limited. Using Blynk IoT software, they've built a solution that not only automates plant maintenance but also provides real-time data access via an app or web dashboard, and notifies in case conditions are beyond the optimal level. A new era of art with IoT!


Industry: Air Quality, HVAC

Sustainably is a start-up specializing in air quality measurement devices and sensors. The team has crafted a stylish air quality monitoring device using sustainable materials. To keep up with the market, they decided to make the device smart using Blynk IoT software. Paired with a web dashboard and app developed on Blynk, it provides users with the tool to monitor and optimize indoor air quality and improve their quality of life. 

We are excited to be powering up-and-coming IoT businesses. If you want to kick off your IoT solution - go ahead and discover all the features available in the Blynk PRO plan! It includes all you need to prototype and launch your connected product in a matter of months. For more inspiration, stay tuned to our blog - we'll keep highlighting awesome products running on Blynk.

October 18, 2023
CRO at Blynk

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