September Platform Updates

The end of the month is here, and so are our latest platform updates! We've added new mobile widgets, enhanced our Webhooks with a new trigger, and introduced a Blueprint for easy WiFi provisioning setup on ESP32. Check them out!

Widgets to customize your app

Top-notch UI is our mantra here at Blynk. We're always working on fresh app customization tools to meet even the boldest of design dreams.

Dynamic Spacer

Level up your app interface! Dynamic Spacer Widget will stretch to fill the available free screen space so that the dashboard layout will adapt to any screen size.

Formatted Text

Customize your app UI to better match your brand style. Build unique interfaces with a selection of font styles, alignment settings, and colors - with our new Formatted Text.

Dark Theme for iOS

We know you've been waiting for this as much as we did! In your Blynk app go to Settings > Interface >Dark to finally enjoy it.

Webhooks for Template

While previously you could set up Webhooks only for a separate Device, you can now do it at the Template level. Let's say, you want to receive an alarm from each cleaning vehicle that is about to get out of supplies. In this case, you just set a trigger datastream value within the template - it will apply to all devices. A helpful update if you are managing devices at scale.

Blink an LED with ESP32 + WiFi provisioning and OTA

Haven't tried Blynk's top-tier WiFi provisioning yet? We have updated this Blueprint to include Edgent functionality. You can now see for yourself how seamless the device activation process can be - just by entering WiFi credentials on your Blynk app.

September 29, 2023
CEO at Blynk

If you are working on a commercial project - let's get in touch. We'd be happy to learn about your business challenges and share our expertise.

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