New library release v1.2.0 🎉

Excited to announce our latest v1.2.0 Blynk library release which included tons of new features, fixes, and sketch examples to make development with Blynk IoT platform even more seamless. Go ahead and check out what our team prepared for you!

Multi-network connectivity

With the latest library release, it is possible to configure multiple connection types for the same device, which makes your product even more reliable and easy to use. The device will check which option is available right now, whether it is WiFi, Ethernet, or Cellular, and get connected!

Universal ArduinoClient examples

Now there's a convenient way to use any Arduino connectivity or shield, even if it's not directly supported by Blynk.

More of new features

  • Command grouping - it can improve chart rendering and CSV reports when many datapoints should have the same timestamp
  • Improved network compatibility when using an insecure TCP connection
  • BlynkConsole now supports BlynkParam argument

Updated sketch examples

  • Added TimeInput, TimeAndLocation examples
  • Replaced UIPEthernet examples with EthernetENC
  • Updated HTTP examples to use Blynk 2.0 HTTP API
  • Simplified the Stroboscope example, also to show-off the BlynkTimer::Handle usage

Blynk.Edgent improvements

  • Fix ESP32 losing the configuration after OTA in rare cases
  • Improved compatibility with the latest ESP32 and ESP8266 Arduino Core
  • BLYNK_DEVICE_NAME setting is changed to BLYNK_TEMPLATE_NAME to eliminate confusion


  • Removed old and outdated APIs, widgets that don't exist anymore
  • Switched to using server by default (the fallback is removed)

AVR improvements

  • Reduce the number of timers in BlynkTimer to 8 for AVR devices (to save RAM)
  • Fix 64-bit integers handling on 8-bit platforms

Update your library to the latest version and try out new features right now!

February 18, 2023
Co-Founder & Systems Architect at Blynk

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