Air pollution tracking, workplace sanitization, insect repellent management - new client highlights

Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash
March was a busy month for both Blynk and our clients. We are moving full speed ahead with the preparation for the public launch of our new platform and continue to welcome new cool businesses onboard. We wanted to give a quick shoutout to some of the talented entrepreneurs who chose Blynk to support them in their exciting journeys and joined our platform last month.

Distributed Sensing Technologies

Distributed Sensing Technologies is an US-based based company trying to democratise best-in-class air pollution measurement. Accurate air quality measurement is often restricted to research labs and regulatory settings with the requisite funds and expertise. DSTech mission is to develop next-generation tools that break down this barrier.


Ecodyger is an Italian team that is on a mission to make the workplace clean and healthy. They developed the most modern and innovative solution to make the workplace clean and healthy, thanks to a real sanitization due to the machine’s working temperature and the extraction of the liquid fraction that prevents germs bacteria’s proliferation.

Bug Torch

Bug Torch is a US-based based company that developed the complete fuel-based tiki-torch insect repellent management system. BugTorch connects one or more tiki torches to a central fuel tank and control that fills, monitors, ignites, and extinguishes your torches right from your smartphone to make insect control more convenient and cleaner.
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April 9, 2021
CEO at Blynk

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