Introducing new revolutionary feature: Pages

Remember when you could only use tabs to better organize widgets on your device dashboard? Those days are gone! We are bringing IoT application design to the next level by a new revolutionary feature: Pages.

Now you can create individual pages and open them with any button! This will help to organize your UI and make your IoT apps even more beautiful and user-friendly.

Organize data with pages

Here are some examples of what you can do with Pages:

Make a Settings page, place various widgets that are used only for device settings. Then add an icon button on the dashboard to open this page.

Make a sensor calibration page. Add new page, add widgets which are related to sensor calibration only. Then add a button called “calibration” which will open this pages.

See where you can find pages:

How it works

There are 2 types of Pages:

  • Device Info Tabs – additional dashboards accessible from Device Info section
  • Standalone Pages – additional dashboards that can be accessed from Buttons widgets

Each page is a unique dashboard where you can add any widgets. Pages belong to a specific template and work only within templates.

There are a few entry points for pages:

  • You can create a page that will be displayed as one of the tabs in Device Info
  • You can attach a page to any of the 4 widgets-buttons, then tap the button to open the page

You can configure access to pages to determine which user roles can open it. This is only available for those pages in the Device Info. For example, the developer creates a page with widgets for device diagnostics and gives access only to technical staff.

September 3, 2021
CEO at Blynk

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