Latest Blynk IoT platform updates

While the new Blynk continues to get more and more adoption, our development team has been working hard on continuous improvements of the platform. Below you can see some major changes from the last few weeks - from Device Actions log permission to added Reboot action and more. Some of the coolest improvements based on the community feedback, so make sure to keep sharing yours in our forum.

1. Suspending users

Now you are allowed to suspend any user. Suspended users will be logged out immediately and will not be able to log in until you make them active again. Look for Suspend action in the user actions menu.

2. New in Modules widget

Non-raw datastreams are now allowed in the Modules widget.

3. Device Actions log permission

We added a Device Actions log permission, so now you’re able to view the control actions over the specific device (PRO feature).

4. Fetch data from multiple pins at once

We added HTTP API to fetch data from multiple pins at once - see Get Multiple Datastream Values - Blynk Documentation 3. Particularly useful when you are trying to save the bandwidth.

5. Automations placeholders added

Automations now support placeholders in the body and title of the message - Automations - Blynk Documentation 7.

6. Billing permission added

Now you can control who can view the billing section via permissions.

7. Reboot action added

You can reboot your device remotely with Reboot action that is now available in the device menu (latest library required).

8. Issues fixed

Also, we fixed the critical issue when widgets were not automatically enabled for the invited users of PLUS/PRO plans.

We are moving full steam ahead to add more features and updates. Some of the big features that will be delivered very soon are return of digital/analog pins and static token management. Stay tuned for more!

July 23, 2021
CRO at Blynk

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