Built with Blynk PRO: Software for industrial HVAC, pumping solutions, and indoor farming

Today, we're spotlighting projects built with our PRO plan! Discover how startups across various sectors efficiently bring their ideas to life in the shortest term and with minimal investment.


Industry: Industrial HVAC

Coover is a leading provider of vapor mitigation and landfill gas solutions for existing and new building construction projects. Coover offers a complete range of scientific, engineering, and management solutions to ensure effective mitigation and management of potentially harmful vapor and gas intrusion pathways into buildings and living spaces. Their innovative approach lies in the creation of an air pocket beneath the building, which is then actively ventilated using HVAC extraction fans, effectively preventing the ingress of harmful gases or vapors into buildings. The continuous operation of these extraction fans is paramount for maintaining safety and health standards.

" In addition to robust hardware components such as methane sensors, differential pressure sensors, and air quality sensors, Coover relies on Blynk to monitor and manage its network of extraction fans. Through Blynk, Coover can closely track gas levels and dynamically adjust fan power as needed, ensuring optimal performance and safety. 

Transitioning from a pre-packaged system, Coover recently completed a comprehensive upgrade to Blynk due to its superior flexibility and advanced management features. Moving forward, Coover is dedicated to integrating Blynk into all future VMS installations, ensuring seamless monitoring and management capabilities across its expanding portfolio, and further solidifying its position as a leader in innovative vapor mitigation solutions "

Jack Daffy, 
Construction Manager at Coover

Eden Water Technologies 

Industry: Agriculture, Indoor Farming
Country: United States

Eden Water Tech provides water treatment solutions and fertigation technology for cannabis cultivation. The fertigation system was built with cultivators in mind and is specifically designed to provide optimal hydration and nutrition for healthy buds. The team integrated Blynk’s software to control and monitor conditions in real time via a mobile app and ensure that plants are getting exactly what they need.


Industry: Utilities and Metering
Country: Australia

Solaflo develops innovative, high-efficiency pump technologies with Intelligent Zero Emission Pump technology. IZEP has a unique modular design, and off-grid functionality, and uses 50% less power than current market leaders to achieve the same water flow. IZEP’s patented intelligent control and monitoring hardware protects the pump and the software can detect, react to, and alert end-users to any required action. 

We are truly excited to be powering raising IoT businesses. If you want to kick off your IoT solution, discover all the features available in the Blynk PRO plan! It includes all you need to prototype and launch your connected product in a matter of months. For more inspiration, stay tuned to our blog - we'll keep highlighting awesome products running on Blynk.

April 3, 2024
CRO at Blynk

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