From Stellar Product To Smart Device: IoT Retrofitting With A Network Co-Processor

Can you relate? You've created electronic products that are robust and reliable, but feel like they are stuck in the 20th century. Your customers are now used to smart, connected products that are everywhere. Turning your existing line into something that fits this new standard may seem like a tough and time-consuming task.

What if there's a way to upgrade your existing products without a fuss? With Blynk.NCP, turning your products into smart, connected devices is simpler than you think.

Retrofit your devices with smart capabilities

Here's a non-exhaustive list of IoT features you can integrate into your product with Blynk.NCP without much coding:

  • Connect to the Cloud to Stream and Store Data: Bridge the gap between physical products and digital insights.
  • One-Click WiFi Provisioning: Enable end-users to claim devices and set up WiFi credentials themselves effortlessly.
  • App-Controlled Products: Enhance user interaction by allowing control through a convenient mobile app.
  • Over-the-Air Firmware Updates: Update firmware remotely, no need to ship the product to your office.
  • Data Visualization from Sensors: Bring clarity to complex data by visualizing sensor inputs.
  • Automation Setup: Allow end-users create scenarios for automated actions based on conditions.
  • And Many More...

Bridging the Gap: How Blynk.NCP Powers IoT Integration

Blynk.NCP is a software solution that employs a Network Co-Processor module, specifically designed to manage network connectivity tasks (WiFi, Ethernet, Cellular, and more). This approach frees the main MCU to handle core business logic, such as processing sensor data and making decisions. You only need to add one of the supported connectivity modules to your existing hardware setup.

On the software side, Blynk.NCP provides binary firmware for the NCP, handling network communication, and a lightweight BlynkNcpDriver for the main MCU. This allows your primary MCU to communicate with the NCP, ensuring smooth integration. We also offer pre-integrated solutions  for Zephyr and Arduino.

Why Blynk.NCP Is Your Smart Move for Device Retrofitting

Blynk.NCP is more than a convenience; it's a lever that pushes your existing products to the forefront of technology. What exactly can you expect by going this route?

Immediate Access to Advanced IoT Features

From day one, utilize mobile apps, device provisioning, OTA firmware updates, persistent automations, network manager, and other vital commercial features without writing a line of code. 

Hardware Flexibility

Whether integrating with existing products or building something new, Blynk.NCP adapts to whatever MCU you're using. We offer pre-integrated solutions for Zephyr and Arduino. You can also easily integrate our lightweight driver into an SDK of your choice.

Firmware Consistency & Privacy Safeguard

Blynk.NCP ensures confidentiality and integrity in your main architecture as it resides on the connectivity chip. No need to rebuild your firmware and run through endless testing.

Non-Blocking Operation for Seamless Performance

Even when the Network Co-Processor is busy, your primary MCU continues to function. The process won't stall or stutter, enabling smooth operations and customer satisfaction.

Smart Solutions Across Industries: Meeting Specific Challenges 

Blynk IoT's strength is its ability to adapt to the distinct demands of various industries. It offers more than just standard smart features, tailoring solutions to the unique pain points of each field. Here's how it's transforming different areas:

  • Agriculture: Intelligent irrigation systems, soil condition monitoring, and automated pest control for sustainable farming.
  • Home Automation: Remote control of lighting, climate, and security systems; personalized voice activation.
  • Healthcare: Real-time patient monitoring, remote consultations, automated medication dispensing, and critical alerts.
  • Manufacturing: Real-time machine monitoring, predictive maintenance, and data-driven production lines.
  • Retail: Smart inventory management, interactive displays, and personalized in-store marketing.
  • Transportation: Intelligent fleet management, real-time routing, and predictive vehicle maintenance.
  • Energy: Efficient energy distribution through smart grids, renewable energy management, and consumption pattern optimization.

Connecting technology to specific industry needs, Blynk helps manufacturers not just keep up with trends but use smart tech to lead the way.

Bottom line

Your exceptional products deserve to shine in the third millennium, and with Blynk.NCP, making them smart doesn't require a degree in IoT. You're already an expert in what you do; let us help take your products to the next level. 

Interested in a tailored solution? Set up a call with our experts and discover how we can redefine your business in the digital age.

September 6, 2023
Co-Founder & Systems Architect at Blynk

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