Introducing Blynk’s new pricing plans!

We are excited to announce that today, June 28th, Blynk's new pricing plans will become available for sign up in Blynk.Console and soon also in the mobile apps.

The new plans are truly game-changing for small businesses and startups looking to build a world-class IoT solution without a heavy investment. The new pricing model also maintains Blynk as an unparalleled offering for the larger companies that want to focus on their core products and not on building IoT software. And of course, our developer community gets access to the powerful new functionality with the free or Plus plans tailored for personal projects. You can see exactly how this all works on our pricing page here.

Every plan, including Free, has all the core Blynk products you need to prototype and deploy IoT projects - Blynk.Apps, Blynk.Console, Blynk. Cloud and Blynk.Edgent (the new hardware library). And no matter which plan you are on, you can also access the new killer features like Over-the-air updates (Blynk.Air) and built-in Wifi provisioning (Blynk.Inject).

Below you can see a concise summary of how the plans differ so you can pick the most suitable one!

The new Blynk offers 4 core plans. FREE and PLUS plans are there for developers and hobbyists, while PRO and White Label plans are tailored for businesses at different stages of their IoT journey.



The Free plan is your perfect way to explore the new platform or build a simple personal project. It has a limit of two devices and if you need to add more, you can do so by upgrading to a higher plan.


  • 2 free devices
  • 5 users that can access devices based on a set of permissions
  • 10 datastreams per template
  • Basic set of widgets
  • Access to Blynk.Cloud with 1 week of historical data storage


USD $4.99 / month when billed yearly

If you have a more advanced personal project and would like to have more devices and users, PLUS is for you. It unlocks access to 40+ PRO widgets, gives you longer data storage and allows to export your data.


  • PRO widgets
  • 10 free devices / 10 users
  • 80 datastreams per template
  • 3 months of historical data storage
  • Data export to CSV

If you are looking to build your commercial IoT solution on Blynk, you’ll first need to decide whether you need your own, standalone mobile apps with your company name and branding (your clients won’t know that it’s built on Blynk) or if you are fine having your clients download and use Blynk apps to control your devices. The first option is offered with our White Label plans and the second can be achieved with PRO.


USD $41 / month when billed yearly

PRO plan allows you to unlock the full potential of Blynk platform for your startup or small business if you don't necessarily need a standalone app with your company name and branding (check out White Label plans for ways to get your own app). You can invite new users - whether it's your clients or your employees - to control your devices via Blynk.App, manage what user can do and access in the platform via roles and permissions, create and manage multiple sub-organizations, oversee your fleet of devices, do over-the-air firmware updates, and so much more. You can start with the base PRO plan includes 40 users or choose an option with more user seats.


  • PRO widgets
  • 40 devices / 40 users
  • 200 datastreams per template
  • Ability to upgrade to PRO plans with more devices / users
  • Advanced user / device management tools
  • Editable permissions
  • 6 months data storage

If you are planning to sell an off-the-shelf product, you will also soon be able to purchase Discovery add-on to your PRO plan to allow users to activate your products by themselves (no email invite needed). We will publish a separate post on that very soon!


from $599 / month

White Label BUSINESS plans are for you if you are looking to build a standalone IoT solution with your own private server, your company branding (name, logo, URL, etc) and your own branded apps published to the App Store and Google Play. Your clients will be able to activate their device by themselves with no need of email invite.  Choose from one of the three pricing options below depending on which platforms you would like to include - web, iOS, Android or all of them. As a BUSINESS client, you also get a dedicated Blynk support engineer to help you launch your offering.


  • Private business server
  • Unlimited devices / users
  • Unlimited datastreams
  • Web IoT portal only: $599/month
  • Web IoT portal + 1 App: $999/month
  • Web IoT portal + iOS + Android: $1,299/month

Where do I go to sign up for a plan?

In Blynk.Console, go to Organization Settings -> Billing -> choose your plan there, or follow this link.

We hope this overview was helpful and if you have any additional questions or need help navigating the new pricing, feel free to contact us and we will gladly help you pick the right plan for your needs.

June 28, 2021
CRO at Blynk

If you are working on a commercial project - let's get in touch. We'd be happy to learn about your business challenges and share our expertise.

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