Meet Device Header: Build IoT Apps that Look Custom Developed

Envision an IoT app that doesn’t just do its job but goes beyond the tiled layout of uniform widgets. The Device Header Constructor does exactly that. It is your tool to bring to the top what matters the most for your product and be able to read the key information at a glance making your dashboard look sleek and professional.

The Device Header not only displays real-time data readings and connection statuses. Think instantly assessing your smart vacuum’s battery level, a healthcare provider seeing whether a patient's device is connected, or a tech enthusiast viewing the latest image captured by a smart camera – all these scenarios are brought to life with precision and style. Whether it's for wearables, remote sensors, or any IoT device, this feature takes your dashboard from simply functional to truly exceptional.

Get Inspired

Simple, Instant, and Stylish Creation

Building a fully functional and stylish header takes minutes. Link pre-built mini widgets, buttons, tabs and tags directly to your data streams for an instant, polished look that requires zero coding. 

Make it Truly Your Own IoT App

With the power to customize every aspect, the Device Header is not just about displaying data. It's about presenting it in a way that speaks volumes about your product and your attention to detail.

Fine-tune your header's appearance in the app’s interface with customizable themes, from light to dark or custom palettes, adjustable header size, and border style making every pixel count.

Share Your Masterpiece

Put your innovative dashboard to the test and showcase it within our community. Excite others with your configurations and gain inspiration from like-minded creators.

Availability and Back Compatibility

The feature is available for all plans, regular per-plan limitations for the mini-widgets apply. Make sure to update your app to the latest version, look any feature up in our documentation and give it a try!

You may think, what’s going to happen with my existing templates, that aren’t using this new Device Header so far? Don’t worry, they will keep working just fine. But can you really resist adding it to all your templates ASAP?

January 29, 2024
CEO at Blynk

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