Air monitors, automatic shower cleaner, advanced temperature control
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So many great businesses are starting their IoT journey with Blynk every week. Today we are featuring the first air quality monitor developed for consumers at an affordable price, an innovative temperature control system, and a uniquely designed automatic shower cleaner. These companies are using Blynk White Label solution to bring amazing mobile apps for their end customers - excited to welcome them on board and can't wait to see their Blynk powered IoT apps live very soon!

Dylos Corporation

Dylos Corporation is a leader in indoor air quality monitoring in US. Dylos engineered the first Air Quality Monitor on the market that has been developed and tested for consumer use. Up until now, the only particulate air quality monitors available for purchase were the extremely high priced units that were sold to hospitals, laboratories, clean room facilities, etc. Dylos designed the quality monitor expressly to meet the needs of the home or office environment at an affordable price. 


MICROclimate is a company from UK with over 30 years of experience in providing accurate and technologically advanced temperature control systems. MICROclimate designed thermostats aimed solely at providing temperature control for reptiles. All thermostats are digital and a control system inside is provided by micro-processors, running software tailor made for the individual product. 

Automatic Shower Cleaner

ASC created a unique patent design to thoroughly clean your shower from top to bottom with a revolutionary new device, designed to make scrubbing your shower a thing of the past. It’s compact, sleek and simplistic design ensures that it complements any bathroom; be it modern, contemporary or classic.

Stay tuned for more interesting businesses joining Blynk every day!
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December 3, 2021
CEO at Blynk

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