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So many great new products launch with our platform every month. To support the small businesses and help spread the word about their inventions, we are highlighting some of the coolest projects across different industries.


The Automatic Shower Cleaner (ASC) is a revolutionary new device, designed to make scrubbing your shower a thing of the past. It’s compact, sleek and simplistic design ensures that it complements any bathroom. The ASC uses a unique patent design to thoroughly clean your shower from top to bottom using a three step system where it consecutively sprays detergent, water and polishing agent. The product is already out in market and consumers control it with Blynk-powered apps published under the ASC brand.

Microclimate (UK)

Microclimate created the first touch screen thermostat for controlling reptile environment. This year they used Blynk platform to launch a new product - the world's first reptile thermostat with remote access and monitoring. EVO Microclimate is getting great feedback from the market both for its excellent hardware and for its well-designed mobile app running on Blynk Business plan.

Onnwater (Italy)

Onnwater builds unique water chillers. Their patented products and solutions are tailored for businesses that refrigerate, purify and carbonate water. Onnwater products allow to dramatically reduce installation and maintenance time by the technicians, which leads to a completely new level of customer service.

The company is currently using Blynk PRO service and plans to publish their standalone mobile apps in the future.

Blynk Business plan

Includes full suite of commercial IoT software with your company branding. You can unfold production-ready IoT infrastructure in just 2 weeks including connecting your devices to the cloud, building standalone mobile apps for your clients, setting up your IoT web portal to manage devices, users, and data.

Make it fully yours with all the parts - from apps user interface to transactional emails for your users - bearing your company logo and style. Your dedicated launch engineer will guide you through the whole process of low-code app creation from prototype to app store submission.

  • Private server, hosting, data storage included
  • Bulk device management
  • Integrated device activation for Wi-Fi and Cellular
  • Multi-tenancy and organization management
  • Webhooks to connect with your other systems
March 3, 2022
CRO at Blynk

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