New mobile widgets!

With the new Blynk release, we added 16 new mobile widgets and enhanced some of the old ones! Widgets allow you to rapidly build a user interface for your IoT application. All of the recent enhancements are aiming to cover even more use cases and make your Blynk-powered mobile app look more beautiful and sleek than ever.

Let's dive deeper into what widgets do on Blynk and what the newest additions are focusing on.

Each widget performs a specific input/output function when communicating with your connected hardware or end-user. There are 4 major types of widgets on Blynk:

UI elements for controlling / sending data to hardware. For example: buttons, switches, sliders, joysticks, etc.

UI elements that visualize the incoming data. LEDs, Charts.

User Interface Elements
Special Elements to build user-friendly UI. Example: Tabs, Drop down menus, various inputs, et.

Some widgets that don't belong to any category, but serve important functions
Newest widgets released on Blynk

The new generation of Blynk offers a lot of new cool mobile widgets and we will be adding more widgets to Blynk.Console later this year.

New controllers:

  • Icon Button
  • Image Button
  • Step Slider
  • Vertical Step Slider
  • Slope Control
  • Switch
  • Level Slider
  • Level Slider with Switch

New displays:
  • Radial gauge
  • Enhanced gauge
  • Gradient ramp
  • Icon

New interface widgets

  • Segmented Switch with icons
  • Multi-line text

Other additions:
  • URL Button
  • URL Image Button
  • Alias (rename datastreams)
In the upcoming blog posts we will tell about some of the most interesting widgets in more details.

Hope you find it useful, but if you have any questions feel free to ask on our forum or share your ideas on new widgets at our product board.

If you used the legacy Blynk previously, you can find out more about widgets changes and replacements here.
September 2, 2021
CEO at Blynk
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