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So many great things have happened at Blynk over the last few months. We have launched the next-generation IoT platform opening Blynk business software to our developer community, introduced game-changing pricing plans for small businesses, implemented lots of new features, and released the Quickstart flow to help get your device online in under 5 minutes!

Today we would like to tell you about some of our PRO subscribers that have already demonstrated how they managed to launch an actionable IoT solution for just $49 per month. If you are thinking about launching an IoT business and have limited resources, this will hopefully get you inspired to move forward.

Angler Armor

Angler Amor is an all digital patent pending boat security system designed for tournament style fishing boats. With the help of Blynk, Angler Armor is able to provide real time tracking and notifications to the end user via the cloud. Angler Armor uses a layered approach to monitoring the boat by providing several different triggers.


SenseMe is a unique all-round application that was first used in telemetry for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). SenseMe is aiming to make a way to retrofit old equipment to the cloud. Magnetic resonance equipment requires special care like strict temperature and humidity control . With the app, the device can have it's parameters changed just plugging new sensors to it. When the temperature or humidity exceeds the set limit, a message with the image is sent to those responsible.


GrowTek develops automated solutions for hydroponic gardeners. With the IoT mobile app, users can visualize a plant’s progress as it grows and make adjustments remotely. In addition, the Fertigation Manager handles all details like nutrient solution delivery, watering, runoff monitoring, and many more.

Blynk PRO offering

If you are not yet familiar with Blynk PRO subscription plan, it is basically our effort to democratize IoT software and make it available to even the smallest / earliest stage IoT businesses. There is no other IoT platform out there offering a complete solution with consumer facing mobile apps, a powerful enterprise level web dashboard and cloud services at that price point. The plan starts at $49 / month (less if you sign up for a year) with 40 devices included and goes up with a favorable scaling system as your number of devices grows.

Businesses who are ready to launch a standalone, White Label IoT solution and want to publish mobile apps under their brand, typically choose from one of the 3 tiers of our White Label plan (starts from $599). These plans come with a private server and a dedicated support engineer. So you can see that Blynk can support businesses during their whole journey from prototype to a scaled up commercial offering.

We are so glad to welcome new amazing businesses joining Blynk every day and will continue to feature the most interesting ones on our blog - stay tuned!!

October 5, 2021
CRO at Blynk

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