Renewable energy, environment control, smart sanitation solution
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The new Blynk platform recently introduced to the global IoT community unlocks immense possibilities for businesses and hobbyists. While thousands of Blynkers are migrating from our legacy platform, we wanted to share some inspiring stories from our business clients that have been using the new platform for some time now. Read how talented entrepreneurs are obtaining electricity independence from utility companies, offering smart solutions to control the environment, and satisfying customers' unique sanitation needs with innovative UV light solutions.

Cutting Edge Power

Cutting Edge Power is a US-based company that provides practical renewable energy solutions to reach energy independence for everyone in the world. They offer solar devices from mini turbines to solar generators for home, farm, company and outdoor activities. Cutting Edge Power struggles to make electricity supplied to a home through an appliance. Utility companies pollute the environment and overcharge their customers. Cutting Edge Power is aiming to take electricity consumption management to the new level, with Blynk IoT software at the core of their innovative solution.


Sonder is a company from Spain with over 50 years of experience manufacturing electronic device solutions for Agricultural, Water Consumption, Energy, Logistics, and Sanitation. Sonder export 350+ products globally, helping control and manage any environment wirelessly. Sonder's latest Blynk enables Smart Sensors help to keep homes & businesses connected and easily controlled by smartphone or tablet from anywhere.


CureUV provides easy-to-use ultraviolet light equipment to keep homes, businesses, offices, and belongings safe with complex sanitisation capabilities. In addition, CureUV's equipment help optimise the process of sanitization and make it understandable and approachable. Thanks to advanced UV curing products and germicidal machines they are able to cover custom sanitisation requirements.
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July 6, 2021
CEO at Blynk

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