5 project tutorials to help you get started with Blynk

Over 500 000 talented engineers worldwide harness Blynk powers to build new connected products and projects. Every day our community is kindly sharing handy tutorials showcasing how easily anyone can use Blynk. Here are some recently shared projects running on Blynk to inspire you today.

Home automation system

Discover how to build a Home Automation System using multiple ESP8266 for different rooms, and control them with Blynk App.
Credits to Tech StudyCell

Water level monitoring system

Perfect tutorial for beginners on building a low-cost and easy-to-make water level monitoring system using Blynk.

IoT IR contactless thermometer

Another cool demo from our community on how to build an IoT IR contactless thermometer for measuring body temperature using MLX90614 & ESP8266.

Weather station

This one will show how you can build your very own weather station with Blynk and ESP8266.

Smart plant monitoring system

Learn how you can use NodeMcu ESP8266 Board to make a smart plant monitoring system.
If you are working on an IoT project - let's get in touch. We'd be happy to learn about your business challenges and share our expertise.
April 27, 2021
CEO at Blynk

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