Our mission is to make Internet of Things simple, accessible, and practical

Blynk is a software company that provides infrastructure for the internet of Things. In 2014 Blynk pioneered the no-code approach to IoT app building and gained global popularity for its mobile app editor. Today businesses of all sizes — from new startups to large enterprises — use our software platform to build and manage connected products.

The potential of the Internet of Things

Technological complexity, lack of cross-domain expertise within the organizations, unclear business models, and a shortage of experienced engineers are constraining the successful implementation of an amazing technology.

By removing barriers to building effective IoT solutions that solve actual business challenges, we help new businesses to get started, expedite growth for existing companies, and increase economic output globally.

Despite the IoT market projections for over 80B devices connected by 2025 and generating billions in revenue, 75% of IoT projects fail at different stages.

We designed, developed, and tested the building blocks of a complete IoT software solution, so businesses who run on Blynk don't have to.

The most comprehensive IoT stack

Blynk combines a cloud platform with applications that put things, people, and data at the heart of business operations.


Blynk services handle everything from cross-platform user registrations to device provisioning, sensor data analytics, and machine learning.

IoT Platform

At our core there is suite of powerful software products to build IoT apps, connect things, people, and data.


Our cloud-based infrastructure provides reliability, scalability, and security.

Custom IoT solutions

Blynk.Studio is a team of engineers, developers, designers, and data nerds who have delivered numerous IoT projects. We provide expertise across various domains and can help with anything from initial consultation to building a prototype, and deploying a full-on commercial product.
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From startups to the world's leaders

We manage millions of dollars in connected assets for forward-thinking businesses around the world

Blynk is headquartered in New York City, with offices in Kyiv and Berlin.


the year Blynk was funded on Kickstarter and launched


engineers are using Blynk to build connected products


countries send device data to Blynk Cloud

300+ Billion

of messages are processed monthly by Blynk

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