What happened to the legacy Blynk platform? (FAQ)

As many of you know, in May 2021 we launched the new Blynk platform which represents the next generation of our IoT software. This current version of Blynk is much more advanced than our previous platform and is tailored for developers, businesses, and startups.

Last year we announced that the legacy Blynk app would no longer be supported and would eventually get deprecated, therefore urging all Blynk users to migrate their projects to the new Blynk IoT app. We also offered a number of promotions for the users that had purchased Energy in the legacy app.

At this time, we are ready to share the full timeline of the legacy Blynk shutdown:

  • New platform launched, legacy platform support stopped - May 27, 2021
  • Legacy app closed for new user registration - September 5, 2021
  • Legacy apps removed from the AppStore and Google Play (apps continue to work for existing users) - June 30, 2022
  • In-app purchases deprecated - September 30, 2022
  • Legacy server shutdown - December 31, 2022

Promotion for legacy users:
For those of you who purchased Energy in the legacy app, we provide 50% discount on the first year of Plus or PRO subscription! Look out for the promo code in your legacy app. The promo code can be redeemed in Blynk.Console only and is valid until Aug 31, 2022. For first-time subscribers only.

Note: The code will work with the monthly subscription purchase too, but will apply to the first month only. The following months will be charged at full price, so we strongly recommend choosing the yearly option to maximize savings.

What's changed from Blynk 0.1?

It's an entirely new platform with tons of new awesome features.

We've added Blynk.Console to manage devices, users, and data, built-in WI-FI provisioning in mobile apps, OTA updates, and more, completely redesigned the apps and introduced a new pricing structure.

You can find the list some of the key differences between the two platforms here

Will my current projects be available on the new platform?
The architecture of the new platform is different to support new features, so all projects will need to be re-created. However, the code you used on devices can be re-used with minor changes.
What about the Energy I bought in the old Blynk?
The new version of Blynk doesn’t use Energy and uses a subscription model instead. Any purchased Energy can only be used in the legacy app while it’s available. We have offered multiple discounts in the new Blynk app for the legacy Energy purchasers and will open up another promotion before the legacy app gets fully shut down.
What about commercial users on the legacy Startup Plan?
Commercial clients that are using Startup or Business plans on the legacy platform will not be affected by the shutdown. Their standalone published apps will continue working with the Blynk business servers they are currently running on.
What will happen with my local Blynk server?
Your local server will continue working with the legacy Blynk app as long as it’s available. The new platform does not support local servers, but there are free and low-cost options for making your project work with the new Blynk Cloud.
Are there tutorials on how to migrate my project to the new platform?
There are lots of guides that help to get started with the new platform. Here is one of them. Or you can use guides created by the members of our community as well.
Got more questions? Go ahead and ask them on our forum. We will make sure to respond soon.
Updated on June 3, 2022
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