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We launched first version of Blynk back in 2015. We've shipped hundreds of updates since then and are incredibly proud of the work we have done. Not only that, our fantastic community grew from a few thousands Kickstarter backers to over half a million blynkers all over the world, sharing a wealth of resources, and tutorials. Thank you for that!

Blynk have already transformed a lot based on your feedback, criticism and valuable insights. What used to be a tool mainly for makers, hackers, and developers is now used by businesses to run hundreds of thousands commercial products worldwide.

And this shift required a serious change. The way we designed Blynk initially became a limitation. You asked for new features, clients had their complex requirements, IoT industry was moving forward too. We decided that instead of fighting the "backward compatibility war" we would redesign the platform to match new requirements.

We had our own vision on what defines the best IoT platform, but we also talked with over 500 companies who are leveraging IoT technology to change the world and create new business opportunities. We also carefully collected and sorted feedback from Blynk community.

Luckily, our initial vision was very aligned with what we heard from you.

Please welcome a brand new version of Blynk platform which works for anyone, no matter if it's your first IoT project, or you need to deploy a million of commercial products.

What is "new" Blynk platform?

First of all, it's a completely new platform with new products, and new awesome features. Previous version will be up and running, but it will no longer be supported and developed further. You will be invited to sign up for a newer version and enjoy all the benefits.

Ok, let's check what we've been cooking.

Web Dashboard. Yass!

It was one of the most popular request to add the web browser interface that will accompany gorgeous Blynk mobile apps. We put a lot of time and thinking when designing it. The challenge was to keep it very simple for anyone to use, but also powerful enough to support ultra complex business use-cases. Our key takeaway was that the web dashboard is used differently from mobile phone and thus should serve a different set of use-cases.

Blynk Web dashboard is a Connected Business Management (CBM) application aimed at configuring Blynk services, managing devices, people, companies, and data.

Let's take a look at some of the features.

In a world of millions of connected devices it's crucial to understand who has access to them. Especially when managing deployments at scale. Whether it's your household or an organization with complex hierarchy and business relationships with partners it should just work.

For that we designed a role-based access system with granular permissions almost for any available action. Now you can invite new users, define their roles, and manage their access to device data and controls.
Additionally, we added a tree-like organization structure which defines how your clients, partners, and company members get access to devices and data.

A new visual customization engine allows to easily apply custom look and feel of the mobile apps and web dashboard.

Device management
Device data now can be accessed with all the major web browsers (except for IE, sorry MS :). Every device has a dashboard to visualize real-time and historical sensor data and controls. It works similar to current Blynk apps: drag-n-drop a widget, scale, set it up, – enjoy!
Additionally, there is a Timeline, where you can log important events coming from your devices. You can set up what kind of event is that, who should be notified, and how.
Every device also now carries additional information we call Metadata. It's more or less static information about the device (e.g. location, serial number, etc.). You can define the structure of Metadata. Such structured data is exceptionally powerful for aggregated data analysis.

Product line management
In order to support multiple product types we introduce Product Templates. Each device inherits a template.

Product template consists of 4 main components
• Metadata - additional data about the device you can configure.
• Datastreams - an entity to define the data that flows in and out from device. Overall, it's very similar to Virtual Pins (which can be used too).
Events - a list of important alerts and notifications
• Dashboard - UI layout that should be applied to every device that inherits the product template.

It may sound a bit complicated for personal use, but it helps a lot with structuring the device data for later use.

Blynk.Air. Over-the-air firmware updates.

Now you can update all of your devices over-the-air. Just schedule a shipping, add a binary file, sit back, relax and watch how devices are updated in real-time. Currently ESP8266, ESP32, Arduino MKR and TI are supported. More devices are planned for later releases

Rules Engine

An absolutely new way to create rules that can organize work between devices, perform calculations in the cloud using custom formulas, and much much more.

New Blynk apps for Android and iOS

Structure of new Blynk apps for iOS and Android was slightly changed, but overall they work and look familiar to you. Devices are now independent from Projects, and Device Tiles is a default component. It represents the list of your devices with a drill down to every device dashboard.

Devices now can be grouped. Groups can have their own custom dashboards. Additionally, we added a place for important alerts.

Important note: Due to the significant changes of platform, you would need to create new projects. The projects you've built with the previous Blynk app will not be working in new apps. Sorry for that, but we had to move on... Fortunately, firmware API stays the same and there is no need to rewrite the code on the devices.

Blynk.Inject: Device provisioning and profiling

WiFi connection wizard is now included in Blynk apps by default. No need to use separate web pages or 3rd party libraries to input WiFi credentials and connect cellular devices.

In addition to device provisioning we introduce device profiling. It allows you to add Metadata to the device after it was connected to WiFi. For example, users can pre-configure their device, or you can ask customers to input additional information about the device. You can configure which fields are added, which ones are required, and which ones should be included in device profiling on the mobile phone.

Here is an example of how it works:
There are numerous amazing UI improvements like:
• Denser canvas grid
• New widgets
• UI customizations
• and much more

⚡ Energy, goodbye...

Energy for widgets was a super fun concept, but we decided it has to go.
Instead, a new pricing model is introduced. Majority of features are free for personal use and separated from features for businesses, which are paid based on usage.

New Blynk library

Blynk library supports new functionality of the platform including device provisioning, profiling, Blynk.Air and the rest. Overall, if you decide to connect your existing device to the platform, only minor changes in your code will be required.

New Blynk Cloud

New Blynk Cloud is a better, faster, robust and secure brain of the platform. With a new fast and furious database, allowing incredible performance and outstanding data analytics capabilities.

New Blynk Cloud stores Raw data, provides aggregated data analysis, complex rules control and...oh boy, so much more.

New product for small businesses and individual use

This product is in the works, but this will be a way for individuals and smaller companies to be able to easily launch low volume fleets of commercial projects.

Wow, sounds awesome! When?

The platform is already working and ready for a launch, however there are still some things needed to be made before it goes public. Such a huge delivery requires a lot of testing, documentation writing, tutorials, and how-to's. Delivery will be made in 3 stages. Sign up today to get early Beta access.

Delivery stages
Beta access for valuable community members
We will select the honorable members on our forum and provide with demo accounts.
Beta access for content creators
If you are interested in writing a review, press release, YouTube tutorial, blog post or help with documentation (and translation) - sign up here. Not only you will be granted early access, but we will provide additional benefits later.
Beta access for first subscribers
Invites will be sent by the order of those who signed up early.
Seats are limited, so hurry up!
Public launch
Platform is opened for everyone
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